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  1. Thanks! I seriously can't thank you enough for all the insight. I guess for my first serious build up of a knife, i'm not off to a horrible start. Guess I gotta watch my steel a bit more closely. Getting the guard fitted up today! and probably the handle material rough out.
  2. Well I finally tried the heat treat! I think it went quite a bit better. Looking over the blade, i haven't found any cracks, and i dont have as much of the bubbly scale. I still think I got it a bit too hot though. There is a little bit of warping at the tip but so far I feel good about it. Most of you temper the knives around 400 Fahrenheit correct? At least when starting out? I'll have the final bevels ground and sanded down by this weekend. Then onto the guard and handle!
  3. And back to the primary bevels! The shape came out a bit better on this one I think. The spine could have been a bit taller. It looks pretty straight. Angle grinders seem to be making quick work, and truing up with the belt helps. Heat treating tomorrow! I'm also ecstatic to have my tongs in. Do a lot of you build your own tools?
  4. End of the day got me back to shape. Picking up some oil today and doing the initial grinding. And researching more ways to tell when I've hit heat treat temp. Also found some great walnut for the handle. Scored some pattern welded medallions I can use for furniture as well.
  5. Well here we go again!
  6. Thanks, that probably helped me more than I care to find out. being that heavy metal is something i would rather listen to than breathe.
  7. Thanks for the input! I hadn't known about that phase change. This was a big eye opener for me. I have a lot of Linseed oil about that I should probably use. Linseed oil will work, right? I finally remembered to take a picture of the sketch. .
  8. It's been awhile since I've been able to add much here, but i finally got a forge up and running at my shop! A little 2 burner propane for now, but I'm sure it will expand soon. Anyways, I've had it up for a few weeks and everything I have worked on has barely gotten any pictures taken. I figured this project would be a good one to start on. I've wanted to make a sgian dubh for quite sometime, so I got a quick sketch up and went to town shaping a big scrap piece of 5160 from my work. More than enough steel to make something sizable when I started out. I hadn't tried any
  9. Hello, It's been awhile since I've been active on here but the projects never stop. Here is my latest work in progress. I based the design off of an Oakeshott Type Xa arming sword, but made it a hand and a half with a waisted grip. This is quick and dirty work and by no means the final product. I forgot to snap pictures of the progress as I went sadly. This one started out as a sparring sword but quickly changed to being sharp once I started getting a feel for for how it was shaping up. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_gQZLoSeUnZRDBlRjRqMEFNek0/preview The blade is about 28" lon
  10. It's been a while since I've been able to work on personal blades. Since I finally caught a break after the Christmas rush, I decided to put together a few pieces I've had to shelf. This one was made from a guard i used to experiment with TIG welding, so it's a bit rough. The handle was put together from some handle stock that shifted in the gluing process, but worked well for this project. The pommel was from our standard turned stock, sadly not handmade in house. However the blade is made from a scrap of 5160 that was getting kicked around for awhile. It's not perfect, but it seemed like a g
  11. The guard material is a mild steel. Not sure of its exact composition. It cleans up really easy actually.
  12. So only got one more face done today, but I did find a sword shaped hunk steel that's relatively close to my design, so i did a quick mock up just to get some things in perspective. This sword is 3 inches shy of the 36" I am shooting for. the ruler at the bottom is extending 10 inches from the guard, about the length of the handle and pommel. Back to working on the guard this weekend.
  13. I understand that searching is pretty paramount. Looking through some of the examples from quick searches gave me some ideas. I was hoping some one might have some particularly insightful knowledge on the period. I appreciate you pointing me in a good direction though. I'm sure some more in depth research is necessary. I hadn't explored the roman influence quite yet, but thank you for the connection.
  14. Hello, I heard the fiery beards have a bit of a knack for the Celtic culture and their sharp pointy things. I've been trying to find examples of swords around the finnian cycle of Irish folk lore. I have been guessing that cycle took place around the 4th century A.D. yes? More specifically I am looking into Diarmuid Ua'Duibhne's weapons, Beagalltach, Moralltach, gae buidhe, and gae dearg(spelling may be off) 2 swords and 2 spears. I know there isn't much to go buy in descriptions. I do want to find out what some key features of swords from that area and time looked like, and what styles there
  15. Well so far so good. My process for building my fittings is based on my shops production system of construction. So its kind of a cheater method. The guard is water jet cut from an auto-cad file out of 3/8 and 1/4 inch stock. There are tabs which I will grind on and weld to, to create the guard that will fit snugly to the tang and shoulders. Once I got it all welded and added filling material to smooth out some lines, the task of grinding in the contours and scalloping starts. I'm using flap discs on angle grinders for most of the material removal, and using a pneumatic dye grinder with an ab
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