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  1. Thanks guys for all of your input. I think I will be able to do a much better job when designing my knives. =)
  2. Daniel J. Luevano, I changed the drawing of my knife. Is this more like you have in mind? *Edit: I have to admit, this seems a lot more like knives I have seen. My hunting knife (store bought, of course), has a bit that sticks past though.
  3. Hello all, I have only recently started bladesmithing. So recently in fact, that I have not even made my first blade. I am still gathering tools and equipment, but I already have an idea in mind for my first knife. I have drawn a neat(ish) design of what it will (hopefully) look like, but I am not up to standard with proper knife design. Attached is the drawing I made, but if anyone could give me any tips on how it should look, please tell me. I am most concerned with the area where the ricasso joins the tang, and the back of the knife, as well as the area where the ricasso turns into the
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