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  1. Ive recently found on mcmasters website that they have a "pm alloy" which is described as Pm60 has anyone ever worked with this alloy, a data sheet says its able to reach 68 hrc thanks
  2. I recently aquired an assortment of junk endmills from 3/4 to 1 1/4. Does anyone think its worth trying to forge them. I believe they are a cobalt hss thanks
  3. I work at a engine rebuilding machine shop and we scrap all kinds of engine parts such as valves, springs,connecting rods, pins, rocker arms etc I was thinking how cool it would be to make a billet of PW out of engine parts Any thoughts thanks
  4. Ok cool ill just smash a ford diesel head to bits to see if its white or grey
  5. Well I have several chains from imports to domestic from all kinds of years maybe if i weld up a stack of mixed chopped up bits maybe it will have a little more contrast and how does timing chain steel hold up thanks
  6. Love the straight answer but could I have a little more info on how i should approach this thanks
  7. Hey guys I work at a engine rebuilding machine shop and they pretty much scrap hundreds of old timing chains im wondering if i can make some PW out of some timing chain?
  8. How old do you have to be to participate
  9. Ok how bout cold or room temp oil would that change anything?
  10. Wow that soo cool didnt even know that was possible with cast iron. At work i have access to cast iron cylinder heads would that be a usable grade of cast iron to decarburize?
  11. 5160 a forgiving steel... but is it forgiving enough to survive a water 3sec then oil quench ive only quenched 5160 in veggie oil. I want to see how far i can push 5160. Advise is appreciated thanks
  12. Im in ogden utah looking for reasonably priced wrought iron Thanks!
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