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  1. What did you do in your shop today?

    I finished the scales for a straight razor I reasonly bought for 1 dollar xD decided to put solid sterling silver scales on. Hammered finish, It shaves like a dream - a bit on the heavy side 4 ounces in total. 3 of which is sterling silver ^^
  2. Coil springs

    Junk steel -> go with above given advices for instance, in my neck of the woods, the coils I got my hands on work well with water quenching NOT alot of stuff behaves well if you punish it by water quench
  3. belt grinder problems

    took quite a lot of thinking thanks !
  4. belt grinder problems

    Succes FINALLY ! it works ^^ 1000x better than hand filing
  5. belt grinder problems

    Okay... Still struggling with the tracking -.- .... enough for today, tomorrow I'll go completly simple, just a drive wheel and tracking wheel xD
  6. The price was right...

    You guys are one lucky bunch ;)... going to a massive flee-marked tomorrow, hopefully I find something good there
  7. What did you do in your shop today?

    I welded the mount on my Tire hammer ram, now a total of 240 pound ram ^^ next stop - welding the frame and bearing plates
  8. Lathe and milling machine ?

    Thanks AJ , yep new stuff tends to cost alot. Will do
  9. Lathe and milling machine ?

    Hi Im thinking about expanding the shop, and my abilities in it. I need a way to square stock, threading bolt,s larger diameter drilling etc. So I figured - Why not buy a lathe and a milling machine ? I watched a bunch of vids from Cal tech about the safety etc ( And i had 8 weeks training from past education) So why not But have any of you guys any experiences buying used machinery ? Preferably in Denmark though any advice regarding will be appreciated ! Im hoping to be able to make stuff from small screws,bolts and nuts to larger, maybe 1 meter axels or whatever my old man needs done at the farm
  10. How much of a beating can an anvil take ?

    Alright sounds like I got nothing to worry about.
  11. How much of a beating can an anvil take ?

    Allright well the most I use is a 12 pound sledge converted to a one-hand use hammer So I'll just have to go easy on the horns. The anvil is between 5-600 pounds Old Scottish pattern I believe
  12. How much of a beating can an anvil take ?

    Hey, just wondering, when working on an anvil, is the horn more fragile than the center body ? Not worried too much when working, but just don't want to crack the horns off of it
  13. Cole or gas

    Charcoal here mainly because propane is expensive, and I can get all the scrap wood I want from my work as arborist ^^ and I like the process of making charcoal but propane forges can be a bit easier to run.
  14. Forge & cottage available, UK

    wauw looks good
  15. Biggest anvils

    Jerrod - sounds fantastic ^^ then I'll probly go with my old anvil pattern, maybe make the face 14x24" or so just to get a bit more than I have now (8x18") and maybe have a quote on the side of it Currently my anvil has both a round and a square hole