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  1. Started the spring cleaning, all the gunk and old garbage from the shop is gone ^^ and I might have worked my back a bit too hard performing some much needed tree surgery in our garden. And bought a surplus NBC suit , not purely Corona-buy - I needed something for working around 55 gallon drums of mixed acids (4-5 55 gallon drums) to be honest I don't like working with dairy farming amounts of acid/bases they are a nasty bunch.
  2. I went on a quest - to find new tools for building the shops sound wall one rotary hammer a bit used but good, for 60$
  3. I finished the sound reducing box for my air pump a whole lot of noise gone.
  4. I ran out of construction foam thought I had plenty, didnt realize what a big space there was between the insulation and the drywall
  5. I've started moving my shop again this time hopefully for an extended period of time. So now I'm measuring up for soundproofing to avoid my grandmother (she lives in the house with me) having noise issues.
  6. I tried to figure out how much epoxy coating ? Painting ? (something more viscous than paint ) I need for the shop floor, it's going to be a pricy project.
  7. My father gave me an old belt grinder (sander) it takes 8" wide belts and is converted from belt drive to electric motor. Today I fixed the belt tension, next stop testing but we need to move it first - it weighs near 200 kg. Anyone seen one of these ? It uses 200 x 1070 belts
  8. Thanks Allan yeah I got a pretty good idea of where it is, the only problem is lack of tools to dig it out... 200+ kg af steel doesn't play nice with manual lifting...
  9. I tried to find my anvil... we held one heck of a party (25 year anniversary for living on the farm) and in that occassion my anvil was moved, and never seen since So the hunt is on.
  10. Randy - thanks likewise.Indeed we are a pitiful bunch, hopefully less so in the new year !
  11. Spending my time off as a couch potato, injuries and pain are keeping me from anything - oh well ^^ Pain clinic 2nd of January hopefully I can get my meds sorted then. Well that, but I still got time for my two feathered friends they are brilliant at keeping my mood positive .
  12. Joshua you wouldn't want that, my father and sister aren't the kind of people to borrow from or share equipment, they could destroy a 10" steel plate bolted to the shop... but sure xD you can have the gun safe, I must warn you though - he forgot a dead animal of some sort in it, and it still stinks 4 years later
  13. Well, my father has been hassling me to find his long lost bowie knife, he has been saying "it's in your shop" for the past week - now we found it, in my sisters gun safe
  14. Okay, I'll have to stick to sealing the retort with clay - couldn't find a silicone sealant to stand up to 500 c but hey, clay and dirt works.
  15. yep fortunatly - we live way out in a rural area I have one limitation only - can't fire it when the wind is south, anything else misses the village and anyone in a 4 mile radius. As for regulations, I found non about making charcoal or any sort of smoke.
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