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  1. I began plastering the walls finally been on my to do list for a year
  2. Indeed thank you for your input. I think I finally tracked the makers mark , it appears to be Jytte Balsgaard Mostov a danish silver/goldsmith and I've send her a message just out of curiosity what it was sold for. As of now it sits as an ornament on my desk
  3. Same goes for my first axe :b *!"¤ ugly but a great door stopper
  4. At last I got around to make a jig for nail forging and a new hardy cutter ^^ Another item to sell in the shop
  5. I finally managed to clean the front room of my shop, not an easy task - my father had used it for concrete slab storage but after an hour of cursing and back breaking work it is now concrete free and the next session I nearly burned down my blacksmith shop due to a tarp catching fire -,- oh well live and learne now I moved the fire extinguisher closer to the anvil.
  6. I use one on a daily basis - you can make them chisel ground, those do however have a steeper learning curve, hollow ground is way easier to shave with (IMO). Another think to consider - don't make it super heavy it just makes for a bad experience. For inspiration try looking at Sollingen's work they've been making straight razors for ages . Any idea what style of straight razor you want to make ? this could shine some light on the types https://www.mens-hairstylists.com/straight-razors/ this one is a bit more detailed https://sharpologist.com/2016/01/guide-conventional-straight-razors.html
  7. Well not in my metalworking shop, but in my soon to be second hand store - shot another video of the conversion from old barn/pigsty, and hammered more of the old concrete and rebar down and removed the last bit of old rotten boards. Next up plastering some raw bricks and lavastone
  8. Wauw, never knew ladies pipes were a thing thanks Alan - is Allan Horne on this forum ? Or should I try locating him else where ? About the fit of it - the stem doesn't seem willing to come off but I haven't tried other than wiggling it a bit and it didn't move at all. For now it sits nicely on my desk as a conversation starter but hey if it's worth a bit that would be nice
  9. I went to a fleamarket recently and found something I've never seen before - a tobacco pipe with a solid sterling silver Chamber, Bowl,Shank, Foot , heel and some sort of early plastic stem. There is however a problem, I want to find out what such a pipe normally cost ( I got it for 80 USD) Which was around the silver scrap value of it. What profession would be able to put a value on such an item ? So far I've shown it to : pipe specialists, auctionhouses, jewler,gold- and silversmiths and an expert in Curiosa items. So who can I turn to next ?
  10. Thank you guys perfect ^^ I'm going to hold on to it, I've been trying to find a proper felling axe for a while - the weight kind of threw me off i haven't seen one as heavy as this one.
  11. I recently bought this hultafors bruks axe from a fleamarket for 4 USD, it weighs around 2.5 kg with handle - my question is this a standard felling axe ? I can't find anything like it at Hultafors shops with the handle it measures 90 centimeters, I removed the paint residue by the looks of it, this axe was born blue and later painted red (or had both in a pattern)
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