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  1. Okay, it may take a while to finish this project. Still trying to find a suitable motor, got my eye on a 4 KW 380-400V at the moment, but I may be able to find one for free instead of spending 200$ on a new one
  2. Okay, I might aswell make this a WIP, 200 lbs power hammer ^^ a near total scrap project, the bearings, axel and electric motor I had to buy. But other than that, all from my parents farms scrap pile ^^ lots of goodies in there 200 lbs ram bearings and housing I-beam to bearings next step -> welding the frame and anvil
  3. Today I finished the ram, and the bearings. Next stop : welding the frame. How ever crude it may seem, the parts work flawless ^^ both in function and boosting my selfesteem/confidence and learning new skills bearings, axel and arm mounted the 200 lbs ram bearings to frame adapter
  4. I'll keep that in mind Scott and do my best to update with pictures. Though keep in mind that I am in no way a pro welder - most of my welds aren't pretty, but they work ^^ also the hammer is a complete scrap project (except the motor) and right now I just want to build a hammer, finishes and painting comes second
  5. Okay - almost done with the ram and the spring arms, ended up making a 200 lbs ram. Next stop -> buying a 4 HP electric motor and welding the frame, it isn't the prettiest - but it will do the job ^^
  6. Thanks yeah I was planning on using a solid anvil for my build aswell ^^
  7. Okay I've decide to build a powerhammer, found a leaf spring and ordered the bearings, but now im thinking, for a 60-90 kg ram - what size electric motor do I need ? Planning om moving some serious steel. mainliy for making art and stuf, but also the occasional damascus. planning on copying this design :
  8. fortunately there are no gangs in my rural community, apart fram the older generation og rednecks
  9. don't think I want to grow that amount of scar tissue on my scalp, bandana it is then. Now I just have to find one that doesn't have weird symbols and quotes on them
  10. Nice thanks guys - Alan yes I forge with Charcoal, often i have a lot of small pieces and dust and that sparks alot... But being a cheap I use it aswell :P. Think I'll try the bandana, or maybe buy a hat - what fabrics are good for hats ?
  11. Hey guys Any good ideas for headgear when forging ? I'm bald and I really don't like the feeling of sparks burning my scalp :b.. What to use ? Cotton bandana or what ?
  12. Hey guys So i've been focused on setting up shop, and just got to forge some blades. But now I realize, I need steel for blades.... And here in Denmark I just can't seem to find any suppliers of steel for axes and other tools in the right dimensions. Any fellow danes know where to get larger stock steel ? Like 100 mm round bar or even 50 mm?
  13. clean and simple very nice
  14. Okay thanks Vinegar ? I'll have to try that, cause fire scale sure was tough removing with a file.
  15. Thanks guys . Okay, didnt realize the scales were that kinda trouble, since i've been filling by hand until now.... A single blade takes me around 3-4 weeks like that. But great I will remove the scales with an angle grinder first then