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  1. finally cleared the attic of rockwool, around 10 m3 or 35 ish ft3 - clearing the rest of the attic of dust and 25 years of dust,dirt and grime
  2. When the dreaded man-flu loosens it's grip on me -.-
  3. The pictures/video is comming ! I just need to seal it before test firing
  4. Finally the retort/oven is in place ! Now the troubleshooting begins ^^ first - let's see if it leaks -> go and buy 1300 C sealant to make an airtight gasket.
  5. The same thing kids can suffer, just a different part of the organs . . Thanks hopefully over soon - I don't have time for this got a forest to fell and a ton of charcoal to make
  6. Nope, but the retort is in place.. got a doctors appointment - renal cholic they said -.- I really hope the alpha blockes i got will help.
  7. I'll try test firing the oven before insulation to see if it can reach 500 centigrade without.
  8. Finally ! I had some help from one of our employees, now the charcoal kiln is in its place - next move : lining with firebrick
  9. Next paycheck destination -> firebricks and motar
  10. Will do currently on hold, but as soon as i got the time - I'm going to buy 130 heat reflective firebricks and some high temp cement, up! up! and away !
  11. Okay change of plans, after calculation - I'll go with refractory cement and firebricks 65 mm()2½ inches aprox thick it will take up 260 Liters of space - but I dont have to buy a ton of materials - if it isn't enough I'll add kaowool.
  12. Okay, I've almost finished welding the combustion chamber to the charcoal chamber, now I face a new question : How thick to make the insulation ? To save money I'm considering making 1" / 25mm kaowool and 4-6 inches of rockwool on top of that, should i use more insulation ? I just need enough to keep the retort/oven around 5-600 centigrade for making charcoal. So what do you say ? Should I use more thank 4-6 inches ontop of the kaowool ? To keep it from caving in or bulge I've installed 3 cross bars in the tank to keep the sides together. Should I use firebricks instead? Bear with me, the contraption isn't pretty - but hopefully it works
  13. I have to postpone the project further, I failed my climbing course -.- so I need some time to figure out how to make a living another way
  14. Okay, starting to feel better, but the retort must wait - got a 10 day arborist climbing course in the next comming weeks^^
  15. And the man-flu still has me by the hip.
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