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  1. Troels Saabye

    Beginners beware

    Only reason I use charcoal is I can make it myself propane is nice to use , but can get really pricey when forging larger stock.
  2. Troels Saabye


    Nicely done what size motor are you using ?
  3. Troels Saabye

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I didn't know dandelion would make for good wine or spirits for that matter , could make for an interesting experiment
  4. Troels Saabye


  5. Troels Saabye

    Breaking News !!!!!

    A priest and a rabi walks into a bar, and the bartender says " What's this ? Some kind of joke?"
  6. Troels Saabye

    Any doctors in the room?

    You might have experienced heart palpitations, but doing this sort of diagnose over internet is a bit of a crab shoot.
  7. Troels Saabye

    hydraulic press

    Yeah, think I'll stick with hand drawing out billets for now it will have to wait for my engineer buddy is back . Though I may not need it then, because either my arms got huge from all the hammering or I run into some elbow injury xD
  8. Troels Saabye

    hydraulic press

    Okay But how would you power a press to move fast enough ?
  9. Troels Saabye

    hydraulic press

    Okay Geoff how about hydraulic ? Isn't a couple of squishes enough to set welds and draw out stock ?
  10. Troels Saabye

    hydraulic press

    Okay so I should just get one bigger bottle jack ?
  11. Troels Saabye

    hydraulic press

    I got a quick question : when building a forging press with bottle jacks, do they stack ? I mean would two 20 ton jacks connected give 40 tonnes pressure ?
  12. Troels Saabye

    Forging round bar by hand. Worth it?

    Not fun at all but great learning ^^ and excellent workout O.o
  13. Troels Saabye

    Forging round bar by hand. Worth it?

    Once I managed a 1½" round bar O1, NEVER again by hand
  14. Troels Saabye

    Time to build a power hammer WIP

    Thanks Geoff
  15. Troels Saabye

    What did you do in your shop today?

    The Only difference between oxy/acetylene and TIG : TIG is not happy about dirt,rust and grease, acetylene just burns the crap away ^^ .. And it's hell'a hard to light a cigar with a TIG torch