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  1. Thanks Allan I think I'm gonna pounce on the opportunity to buy a 470kg reffinghaus then 8.000$ from new, but hey good to have something to dream about
  2. Who produces the heaviest anvils ? and what do they weigh ? I'm trying to find an addition to my shop, to be able to work with some strikers, or just to have an excuse to buy a ridiculasly big hunk of steel ^^
  3. Well... I like the process, but using hand files for making damascus is too much for me and the entire process of damascus is what I really enjoy, watching the patterns form
  4. Nice work Jeroen :). True blades can be made without powertools but I think I will do the next ones with.
  5. Finally finished my first all hand knife , labour intensive I must say.. And when I get my belt grinder made I will be using that, because this was far to much..
  6. Okay so could I weld some steel plates to the frame and use as an anvil ?
  7. comming along, just cleared the space where im going to install the hammer. And made the layout, next step -> welding the fram from I beams. probly around 5-600 kg in weight. Then I have to figure an anvil out, without bolting to concrete - can't cast since it is a dirt floor -.-... Oh yeah I know that song ^^
  8. I know right ? Figured I needed something to keep me company when im studying ^^ and because I got a summer job -> I have the money for macaws I love working with big birds.
  9. further delay on the power hammer project, I've purchased two Blue and Gold macaws ^^ so I have to make an aviary for them
  10. got the brackets ground, and the spacers too, and found some threaded rod for the connections. now I just have to weld them onto the ram, and grind+ weld the frame.
  11. okay now the holes for the connection to the spring arm has been driled.... lesson learned : use fresh drillbits for thick metal next step is to check if the spring arm will connect, and to secure it. Then weld the brackets onto the ram.
  12. Got the brackets cut for the ram, now I need to drill the holes for the pins to keep it in place. Quite the struggle to cut, don't know why but the oxy/acetylene torch just wouldn't cut like normal... Got to check that out. Anyways next step is to weld the frame, drill the holes, and mount the spring onto the frame.
  13. great ^^ got the motor, and made the connection between ram and spring-arm pics on their way !
  14. Further delay... the motor I've purchased isn't in stock. 8 more days of waiting. On the bright side : I've improved the design og the frame, going with a H shaped footprint, with the anvil and motor on a junction ? Atleast I think that's what it's called, the place where two beams meet... Hope you understand, ask if you don't ;). still have to make the brackets for the ram, drill holes and weld them on and secure them. going to use 20 mm bolts to secure the leaf spring to the ram