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  1. I hope so BillyO, hopefully i can get the shop setup fast... but sadly it is more likely 2 years :'( got a heck of a job at hand with renovating/redecorating the house when te current tenants move -.- I hate being dependent, but this time no more ! moving to a location where i can roam freely only limited by myself..
  2. well.. I just packed up my shop.... Going to be in storage for the time till i can move..
  3. Exactly - the raised letters was what got me on to casting :b man I got to get a shop weight for sumo sizes, just to weigh the thing xD just one more reason to install an overhead travelling crane with integrated weight
  4. Yeah I just want to find out if the area around the number contain more info I found no more markings on her, nothing besides the number and letters RV976.6 -the V could have been a Y but the numbers i am sure of :b or as sure as running a pencil over paper to trace it can be.. I would imagine he(the old smith) got it from the warft(Helsingoer) as a gift or a bargain idk. but his(mine now) fan was made in 1920 which is quite nice imo as it still is going strong after an electrician put new wires in it(all connectors were fine) As i start looking at it: Much of the horn,and other plac
  5. That would make good sense, the numbers are on the opposit site of the wooden chair on the pictures Thank you Alan about cleaning it in order to find a makers mark easier, is there any less than others destructive way to clean the anvil ? They previous owner had her sitting in the rain for 25+ years, I know they don't take much damage other than rust - but I would however like to atleast secure her from future rusting
  6. Okay thank you Geoff, well that is just it - the blacksmith i got it from is dead, I know he used to work at Helsingør(northern Sealand,Denmark) when they had heavy industry for ships and trains i believe ?- and when he had it, even when he started it was old and that's got to be the early 1920's, Don't quite want to ask the son - seems he and the old smith had a falling out. Any particular places makes liked to slap their mark on anvils ? I can feel something raised on the side, probly need a lot of restoration to find the writting though... I was thinking of using a pressure washer
  7. That would make some sense Geoff , the 976, part of a serial number perhapse ?
  8. Okay, so I have yet to weigh my anvil xD I simply cannot find a way to do it, so I tried investigating.. after a few tries with a pencil and a piece of paper this is whay i found : RV976.6 and some more indistinguishable on the opposit side of the anvil. It is heavy as a... but it is only 119 cm in total length 37 cm tall and 16 cm wide face, so I can't see that fitting with 976.6 lbs ? That ought to be a bit bigger right ?
  9. Fail or not - a beautiful piece of steel practice makes perfect ! Those small areas surely can be learned to avoid in the future keep up the good work !
  10. No question about that they are robbing me blind - I will probly end up bitting the bullet and buy it (I want to forge stuff not build the tools only ) But yeah nearly 4K euro is a tough one to swallow, but I might be able to get away with a small hammer in a well insulated area... Is there any kind of press I could use instead of a power hammmer/ less banging and booming for the neighbours (even though a little giant 25 lbs prober mounted would make little noise I'd imagine ? Regarding poisonous gasses (SOx,NOx,COx) what other sensors could be a good plan to have in a shop for detecting
  11. Exactly Alex I have been looking at a smoke extractor for my coal forge, with a smoke cleaner (dont know how they do it, but they claim the cyclon system is good for cleaning forge air . Well actually i was planing on forging with a press to minimize noise (welding and drawing out billets of damascus) Maybe I will end up with a second hand power hammer, but I am planing on building the shop in a way so i can use a power hammer) I still mainly forge blades on my anvil, but is the press better or the power hammer for drawing out thick stock ? this is what i have planned on using http
  12. Alan - yeah that would be possible but would it be quiet enough for neighbours to no hear it ? I am planing on a decoupled wall construction for maximum sound proofing,aswell (got a big ol' book "book of sound" has a lot of good ideas for constructions, I am thinking : build two walls with a 4-6 inch gap(air in this one - when the sound comes in through one wall and then a hollow -> onto the next wall is said to work well for rock concerts...) Yes ! Those could do the lighter jobs thank you ! i found https://www.blacksmithparadise.com/ so a 1m3 concrete cube as a free
  13. DragonCutlery I plan on using the press for most of my forging as it is silent, and then once the brute is done - I will hand hammer it (most of my stock is thick so i forge it down, and I just can't get the folks to believe a hammer i quiet enoug or able to be silenced) mainly for noise and neighbours- I'd love to smack a 25 lbs little giant in there or what ever size my electric gritt will allow - but I just cant see a way to kill the noise it makes and the press is fairly quiet. What could noise control a hammer ? I get they are not the best for my purpose, but is there a way to make the
  14. Hi Simon - Yep it sure is , well one kilogram is the max hammer i can move for long enough to forge anything, and comfortably hold, anything more and I get tired quick. Just talked with my grannys husband, he can indeed help me build the shop like a miniature version of the shipyards smithy he was trained in as a youth or any other part of heavy industry.. And my parents have given me permission to build a shop to my specifications to keep me with a place I can go to and do whatever hobby i got, also planning on making a small woodworking shop. The wheelchair is not at the moment a thin
  15. Okay, I am in the situation that within a year or 2 i need to move - and there I will have an option to build a workshop - but as my body has taken a hammering, I now need to find ways to: Lift and hold heavier objects(anything about 1 kg makes difficulties) Right now my plan is using a travers crane the entire shop length(with another beam to move all XYZ axis' in order to achive maximum control and ability with the heaviest as possible objects - i maybe ill but i still like swinging around chunks of hot metal ), in a manner as to make it possible moving ANY piece of equipment/tool around w
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