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  1. Fair enough we'll have to put it to the test ! Hopefully I can get to weld the firebox and tank together soon
  2. Tested the bolts and door, works like a charm.. With a little help from my friends : Hammer and crow bar and good old fashioned brute force, other than that it works like a charm . I even got the fire box tested - even better than I expected, and tested a slightly downward angle, just to increase draft ( though the 2 meter chimney should suffice, better safe than sorry) Hopefully I can get to cut the last two holes tomorrow how much kaowool to be able to touch the exterior without burning ?
  3. Spend 2 hours reshaping the bevels on a hoof-knife, not a fan of SS blades -.-
  4. okay good point - but wouldn't the extra insulation keep the exterior cooler to touch ?
  5. okay thanks Alan yeah the cladding will be 15 cm from the wool, do you think it would be to hot to place rockwool as insulation between kaowool and cladding ? It's rated for 250 C before the binder evaporates
  6. 250 is a good size I'm tinkering with the insulation - is 25 mm enough kaowool ? It's going to be wrapped in kaowool, and then building some scafolding using 25 x 25 x 3 mm square steel tubing, then cladding with 2 mm thick steel sheet ( just for protection against wind and weather)
  7. Finally ! After a day with angry bees and 30 C heat I got around to weld the bolts in place, snug fit, going to be even better with Ceramic wool insulation. Next step -> test firing and burn out to get rid of all the gunk inside the tank.
  8. yeah, the honey harvest is behind schedule -.- hopefully tomorrow comes bringing time to weld
  9. Thanks Jeremy yeah it's a bit rough - hopefully it can get the job done though. What size are you building ? No building for me today - time to harvest honey from our bees ^^ I'm planning on making a frame of 25 x 25 mm x 3 mm square steel tubing, then weld/bolt on 1 mm steel sheet for protection from wind/weather for the insulation
  10. Hopefully I can weld the bolts on tomorrow, if the weather is rainy it's possible - can't fell trees in shitty weather.
  11. Excellent - My father said I could get a helping hand from one of our employees ^^ Now the oven is ready for welding on the bolt. Hopefully I can get it done by tomorrow
  12. Somewhat of a thing in the shop - I got my chainsaw pack from True North ^^ best way I've ever carried a saw around no more burning forearms from carrying fuel and saw
  13. So far not much new, I've checked bolts and their fit, next up : moving the tank closer to the shop to weld the bolts in place
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