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  1. Steel for power hammer dies

    Wow 400 ? that's quite the hammer. Waiting for pics
  2. Mystery metal Madness

    Muriatic and hydrochloric is the same acid technically they consist of 12-32% weight by weight chlorine gas dissolved in water. But yes they would make great as testing acids :).
  3. Mystery metal Madness

    I work mostly with mystery steel primarily : axels, leaf springs, fork lifter spears, plows or insert any farm equipment. My advice : test the steel with acid first -> if it hizzes and fizzes alot, it has some kind of nasty metal on it (zinc lead, or what not) normal steel when exposed to acid doesnt fizz that much.
  4. 500 gallon oil tank to charcoal kiln

    Would rockwool do for insulation ? The datasheet says it ca withstand 1000 celcius without meltin, thinking it could be cheap to insulate the entire 400 gallon tank in ?
  5. Efficient way to make charcoal

    It is very much a trial and error thing I have 3 retorts I use right now, and just bought a 400 gallon diesel tank to make into another retort.. takes a lot of charcoal forging ^^
  6. Hybrid cleaver

    Looks good Farriers rasps are usually great stuff if the older ones ^^
  7. 500 gallon oil tank to charcoal kiln

    okay - grinder it is then, easier and cheaper ^^ what's not to like ? Though I think I'll keep it outside to "defume" a bit more. Thanks Alan ^^ Yeah eyes and ears always don't want to try "forging in the dark "
  8. 500 gallon oil tank to charcoal kiln

    Okay How about the dry ice then ? Or maybe car exhaust ?.. as far as i've learned, diesel doesn't just explode like gasoline does it?
  9. 500 gallon oil tank to charcoal kiln

    Or maybe buy some dry ice, dump it in the tank, wait for it to evaporate and fill the tank - then use an angle grinder to cut it ?
  10. Okay - so I finally tracked down a 500 gallon used diesel tank for my project - I want to make a 500 gallon iwasaki kiln to produce charcoal more efficiently. My question is - the tank is drained of diesel, but how should I proceed to cut it up ? I need to make a hatch for me to load/unload with ease of operation (and not recieving a Darwin award in doing so) So what say you ? Could I just leave it in the sun open to evaporate off the volatiles ?
  11. Charcoal kiln

    I've been making my own charcoal for a while now, I use three small "iwasaki kilns" with a combined capacity of 400 gallons. But I want to make my life easier, just one kiln to fire... So I've bought a 500 gallon diesel tank in a decent thickness (roughly 1/4") But my question is : woul the larger tank work as the small 50 gallon drums when building an Iwasaki kiln ? I plan on insulating the combustion-chamber witl Kaowool and the "charring chamber" to be burried in the ground" and using 6" stoking pipes as chimney. What do you guys think ? What did I miss ?
  12. What did you do in your shop today?

    Quenched four knives ^^ and isolated 10 grams of gold from electronics
  13. Loss of motor skills

    Okay, seems work well if I just keep to the heavy work, like 40 ish pounds ^^
  14. Loss of motor skills

    Allright, well the option of not taking them is not going to cut it O.o, maybe I need to experiment with the timing. I alredy spoke with my psychiatrist about other meds, and they don't have an alternative :/.. gues im going to have to find an apprentice....
  15. Loss of motor skills

    Hey guys, I've reasonly been perscribed some psychotropic drugs - and after I've begun taking them.. My motor skills got quite bad. Shaking hands and weird twitching reflexes, which makes for some really crazy accidents in the forge xD last time I barely missed my thigh when I dropped a crucible with a gallon of aluminium... Any ideas for how to keep myself "safe" because im really don't want to give up bladesmithing