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  1. I SAWED THIS BOAT IN HALF.. nah :b don't have the power to that anymore, but i did manage to get my shop nice and shiny after a couple of cleaning sessions xD NEVER let dust,grime and debri accumulate in your shop, because it ends up being time capsules xD we had old papers from 1999 or 1998 etc. floating around -> no more of that, so now i got a tidy work space ^^
  2. Thank you Ron Benson - yeah i have been circling them but i haven't been able untill now finding a credible source, I'll check them out, since it isn't small bucks i would be throwing their way xD
  3. super thanks SteveShimanek Al Massey thanks idk why my text decided to change to this.. sorry :b but thanks you guys , could be awesome if i could get the stones to make my blades for kitchen knives , now i just need to find the funds to buy myself poor in cash but rich in stones !
  4. It has been a while since i have been active in here ;), had a lot on my plate, had to almost completely give up making charcoal this summer made a single batch with my new retort :b just got to glue the insulation to it and find a shell to protect it from rain and water :P. But My body has completely broken down.. i have constant pains and aches and cannot work at the forge because i am too heavily medicated (opioids and cannabis is the only thing keeping me sane a long side muscle relaxers...) So i have moved to stock removal by hand, i cannot trust myself around power tools and fire an
  5. salvaged 4 square metres of 304 stainless 2 mm thick ^^ now I just need to order that blasted TIG welder xD but got materials now.
  6. Nice haul Garry i'm still waiting patiently for the other farms to start breaking bearings like they always do come harvest season alredy got a sack full of harrow-teeth 10 mm round stock in a coil (straigthened out its about 2½ meters of it ^^
  7. Decided to finally find a plasma cutter no more breaking cut off disks flying - just a pressure vessel ready to blow and risk of 140A jolt of lightning xD.. Next up: LOTS of research, don't want to break the bank - but I want to cut stuff up to 35 mm thick^^ probly going to spend €€€ or $$$ but enough, trying to separate a 40 mm plate in half with a grinder is torture xD thought about an oxy acetylene torch but I like working with air pressure more than acetylene..
  8. Not a bad idea with a magnet gotta try that, thanks ! Edit: tried it : thanks a bunch no more metal splinters buried in finger tips xD
  9. Got around to finally clear the drill press table from shavings it actually isn't a plate - it has ridges in it xD under all the shavings
  10. Never got around to the one tonne anvil got that for later - for now I'm going to visit a mate I haven't seen in 5 years but turns out he's beginning knifemaking and going down to visit next weekend, it's on an folk highschool (danish thing) that used to be a high class japanese bording school, turns out they have a power hammer old but we can try it and use it. Going to bring some charcoal from the retort ^^ Fortunately he has alredy gotten an anvil xD I really don't want to travel with my big one
  11. it's allright - old girl is still alive and the horn of the anvil is still attached
  12. Al You're quite the necromancer I had totally forgotten about this thread ! She's still a live and kicking my ol' anvil been forging quite a bit in that proces
  13. Cameras Doug, get a pair in the shop
  14. Looks like a Sherman TIG 320 AC/DC is a good machine but if i can buy that big older one for 200$ i'll go for that
  15. Okay - found this one https://svejsevaerk.dk/shop/magnum-thf238-pro-572p.html 60% duty cycle both TIG and MMA ^^ so now I just need a plasma cutter
  16. -.- don't have enough power for the welder... So I have to buy a smaller newer one
  17. Nice unit Paul but I need some more juice ! Found a guy selling a 320 A TIG welder ^^ 250 A 100% cycle AC/DC 500 $
  18. Brass O.O ?! keep that devil out of my shop I've hated that metal since marine engineering school xD devilsh chip they make stick to everything. I'm probly damaged by enviroment xD always learned to weld on the big stuff, so for me bigger=better - it isn't unusual for me to have a request welding some really big stuff with TIG :b what's the duty cycle on the 780$ unit ?
  19. Opened the retort to day : SUCCES only 10% wasn't carbonized ! So next run: install insulation in the bottom (going for some insulating refractory brick) Also - I need to get some thicker steel in there, getting a bit too soft at 600C
  20. I'm expanding my workshop capabilities - so now I got my eye on a TIG welder : MIGATRONIC Model: MDU 400 big ol' one heavy one I can get it for 1000 $ - is it a good buy ? It's old but working order - It's for welding anything we can't with stick welders.
  21. Allright if my health allows - I now have a stick welder for 130 A 100% of the time ^^ and 60/40 cycle on full. And I got a present granny needed a new cast iron stove/oven ? any way I can have the thick cast iron sides to use as a sun catcher to increase temp in my wood dryer
  22. Got a hand from my grannys husband - testing an old ESAB THE 250 stick welder - now in fully working order just saved a bunch o' cash
  23. Got the last two sensors today - i think it will work the way they are with 1000 mm of cable and using and extra long one for the back sensor (ordered 5 meters of cable) Hopefully today I can get the baffle plates done - need to bulk up the plate by welding several thinner plates into one thick piece. I'm trying to decide what to buy of tool next - in the long run i'll be wanting : a plasma cutter, TIG MIG and stick welding (stick for the thicker stuff like 40 mm) but the TIG and plasma is my priority - that and a grinder 2x72 probly going to use 10.000 USD for the setup but
  24. I made the guards for the temperature sensors, experimented a bit more or less holes ? The combustion department is almost done, just need to weld two more flame baffles (plates that stop direct flames from entering the carbonization compartment, this build I really want to minimize the risk of reingniting the charcoal - a longer smoke path and more baffles, that way more heat will be transfered (in theory from the baffles to the retort) next : I need to bolt the chamber to the retort. thinking of 6- large bolts 30mm diameter ish One of the baffle plates welded in place
  25. Nicely made how about doors ?
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