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  1. Yeah, very cool. Must've been a pain getting it that neat. But I still wonder what four braid will look like flattened.
  2. Beautiful, all of it. Blade like that should have a name, and some means of tracking it if this one also grows feet. Some kind of tech in the handle maybe.
  3. Wouldn't a polyurethane coating or three help against rust? Or doesn't it adhere well to steel maybe?
  4. Ever think of four braided and then flattened?
  5. Aaw! I thought it'd be done by the time I got back.. Cliff hangers, F****** hate cliff hangers. Especially when it's an unavoidable fact of life and not just a cheap trick by some director or producer because then you've got no one to blame but your own impatience.
  6. Dayum! What a difference expertly shot pictures makes! Whatever you paid for it it was well worth it.
  7. If you need help for talking to your creations so do I. But pouring so much time and effort, not to mention emotional investment does that I think. Consider the mystical woo woo about katanas and that is just the recipient of the sword identifying his soul with the blade. But then again, the smith pours a bit of his life into it but the warrior's life depends on it.
  8. So, I needed a chisel for making my knife handle so I took some time off producing to make it. Cut and shaped both steel and dowel rod, drill hole in the wood and burn in the steel, HT, sharpening and gluing in the bit, all in all about an hour. Maybe a bit more, looks like absolute crap but works beautifully. Besides, where was I gonna get a chisel ten at night? Just love the feeling of being able to make the hand tools I need just like that.
  9. Yeah, the D guard does grow on you.
  10. That, is just gorgeous. Love it! Could we get a picture of it from below maybe, I'm wondering if it's sharp under as well.
  11. How much champagne would a champagne chuck chuck if a champagne chuck chucked champagne? Meaning, how much and how often do you need to drink that stuff to make it worth having a custom saber made for the sole purpose of opening those bottles? Oh, and nicely done, I like the fusion.
  12. Looks way better than don't care for me, so I guess you failed at that. :-)
  13. Very nice knife, clean. Funny you use leather dye for wood, I use wood stain for leather. :-)
  14. 1.Gabriel R. Paavola 2. Timothy Artymko 3. Gary Toulomelis 4. Caleb Harris 5. Scott Cruse 6. Tim Tracey 7: JJ Simon 8. Daniel J. Luevano 9. Dan Bourlotos 10. Pieter-Paul Derks 11. Joshua States 12. Kevin Hopkins 13. Robert Dowse 14. Brian Dougherty 15. Jeroen Zuiderwijk 16. Michael Cochran 17. Austin Lyles 18. James Fuller 19. Michael Seronde 20. George Ezell 21. Josh Fikentscher 22. Alan Longmire 23. Gabriel James Mabry 24. James Spurgeon 25. Don Abbott 26. Dan Waddell 27. Chad Scott 28. John Rosendahl I'd rather sign up now and fail to produce something of worth
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