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  1. Thanks for the advice! I think I'm convinced to hold out on buying the heavy machinery for now
  2. Hi! starting to set up shop! Anyone have recommendations for budget equipment? I'm thinking of getting a scroll/bandsaw and hydraulic press, and eventually, a powerhammer
  3. Doesn't Iron attract to magnets as well? Like the water Idea, might try that!
  4. Yeah, that Vermiculite is going to be a problem. I hope it's present in trace amounts only. Must figure out a way to isolate that.
  5. Thanks! An Image from Niels Provos' wootz videos comes to mind. Doesn't seem to be easy.
  6. Thanks! I'll probably experiment with the levels of carbon added. Another stupid question. How do I tell a cast iron ingot from a steel ingot?
  7. I've heard that carbon is a catalyst for transforming ferrous oxide into steel. Do I have to compensate as a result of the large amounts of rust?
  8. Thanks! Forgot about the sand! Although I thought sand was used to leech out impurities. I'm pretty confident that the filings are pure steel, and I'll be doing this out doors. "This is the Chemical composition of 1080 steel. Iron, Fe 98.0 - 99.0 Carbon, C 0.75 - 0.88 Manganese, Mn 0.60 - 0.90 Sulfur, S 0.05 (max) Phosphorous, P 0.04 (max)" This is by weight, im assuming, right? Is there such a thing as adding too much Carbon?
  9. Hi! I'm Alex! I've never worked with metal other than sharpening a few knives, poorly that is. But, I've watched way to many documentaries and watched too many videos to remain an observer! So the question... Ever since I realized that most hand warmers were filled with iron powder/sand, I've been cutting them open once they're done and kept the iron filings in a large bucket, I know its all ferrous oxide, but if I added a liberal amount of Charcoal powder, and have it in a crucible in a furnace for a while, would I end up with any usable steel?
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