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  1. Thank you guys! So I was really satisfied when I made it. For first I try to sewn sheath with leather inserts and It went well.
  2. Hi all! After a long time I signed there because I made new knife which is available. It is small knife overall lenght is 22,5 cm, blade 10 cm and handle 12,5. Welded blade is forged from old, broken springs of agriculture machine and from the bearings. These springs I found unders old oaks on Kovalovec meadows. Guard is from patinated bronze and on handle is small patch of cow bone, which I found on the way to the Skalica hills. Last part I bought from my friend and it is Palisander Honduras burl wood. Hand sewn scandinavian type sheath with leather inserts in the b
  3. Thank you Jim. And there are more photos of knife.
  4. Hi all! For a long time I didn't post there any new knife. But me and especially my friend Erik Čermák worked on short minidocument during the february and now I want to show you it. This short film is about making of knife from wire rope, which I found on meadow and wood from the tree that grown on the same meadow and fittings from more than 2000 years old bronze - gift of my friend potter Jiří Lang. So making process is only one part of the video. Other, mainly fragment consist from my relation to work, life... There are one more link where you can find some photos from filming: http
  5. Hi, I wish to offer one knife from my workshop, which I named Nártil. Blade is forged of flat file and it is partial hardenned. On handle I used thuja wood, which is impregnated with linen oil and beeswax. Guard is made from bronze. Scandinavian type of sheath with wood insert is colored by rust and oil. Abstract decorating was created with sharpened piece of antler. Total length of knife is 21,5 cm, blade 9,5 cm. Thickness of blade 4 mm. Price 190$ + shiping. If you are interest, please contact me by PM or on the e-mail: jakubpetras.noze@gmail.com.
  6. Thank you all! I'm really glad for your responses. And excuse me small grammatical mistake at name of topic.
  7. Hi there, I want to show you two new saxes from my workshop. Name of first sax is Drauganca. I welded blade from three pieces of steel - on back is wrought iron from horse-drawn vehicle, in the middle I used my own damascene and on the edge is czechoslovakian equivalent of AISI W2 steel. Handle is from elm wood, moose antler with wolf theme and brass plate. Cowhide sheath is colored with rust and oil. On fin I riveted brass fittings with iron ring and two leather lashes. Next is called Gwathrist. Blade is forged from big piece of spring steel which I found at Christ
  8. Hi everyone! I finished one bigger slipjoint knife few days ago and there is it! From the beginning customer knows that name of knife will be Old raven. It was important point which got face to general overall of knife. Open length is 22,5 cm. Blade is forged from chain of chainsaw and it is 10 cm long. On the scales I used cow bones which I found this winter in the fields, liners are from stainless steel. For spring served car leaf spring. Nails and washers are from steel and copper. Sheath I made from cowhide and it is colored with vinegar and steel shavings. Than
  9. Thank you all for very pleasant welcome at forum! So I try to respond. Knifemaking is my general hobby since 2011 and last two year it is my work too. Structure on the guard I made with especially modified nose of small hammer. Yes, bird motif on the sheath it is a bit hidden. I did it because spring is comming to our country and one of the basic symbol of spring is bird lay.
  10. Hi everyone. My name is Jakub Petráš and I am new there. I live in Slovakia, on the bordery with Czech. Why I start with the knifemaking? I think, that answer consist of stories from forge which told me my grandfather and of the books which I read. Mostly I work with materials which I found or materials that someone gave me. It is very important for me because I can knowingly continue the story of individual material and connect it with others. I hope that it is understandable. And there is last knife from my workshop. His name is Dúlin, blade is forged of tool steel, guard is
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