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  1. It has been several months since I have been here.  I have had personal issues that have kept me away from my forge.  The knife on the right was the camp knife that I had so many questions about.  The person who commissioned it backed out at the last moment.  The second from the right started life as a 2 inch ID ball bearing 1 inch wide.  Got to learn how to control my fire better as it was much wider to begin with.  LOL  going to be a kitchen knife once I get it sharpened.  It is harder than the hubs of hell, so it's taking some time to get sharp enough to satisfy me.  If you have read the story of a camp knife, it is what was left after I burned the handle portion off of the second blade.  It has a zebra wood handle.  The one on the left is another commission job. It is for a lady welder whose sister says she is never without a belt knife.  The blade is from a leaf spring finger guard is brass and handle is walnut with a knot in it.  Finish on all but the camp knife is TRU OIL gun stock finish.  The camp knife has satin tongue oil finish. All but the kitchen knife are bought and paid for, got wise this time.  LOL 


  2. Alan called the city of Washington IA and the chamber has no record of any business of the name there. So going to take a chance and use as is. Worst that can happen is I get a phone call saying hey stupid I already own he name. I will say sorry and change my name then. robertmunford aka Bob
  3. Please do not let this go away I can't wait to try this out. I have given up on many tongs because I get something backwards and then fling them into the deep hole at the back of property. LOL Thanks for taking the time to document the making. robertmunford aka Bob
  4. I need short words because I plan on having this laser etched on my products. I might just go with old goat blades or old goat smith. You got me thinking Ron thanks robertmunford aka Bob
  5. Thanks Alan I didn't find any mention of it using my browser. Went to Google and emailed the city manager to see if there is actually a business there with that name. Thanks again Alan Robertmunrd aka Bob
  6. I finally cam up with a logo and I guess you can say a name for my little forge. LOL I am posting this to see if anyone else has already used the logo and or name. I am known around town here as the old goat so I kind of thought it might be appropriate. Thoughts please
  7. Hmmm I never thought about doing what you suggested Steve. I think that maybe just maybe I can make the next knife both robust and manly as well as sexy. I made a wooden mockup of the blade will try different handles on it and see where I go from there. I certainly do like the idea of making the handle sexy looking though because as you said it just might make it easier to fit in the hand. Thanks for the suggestions robertmunford AKA Bob
  8. Mike I didn't take it as criticism. I read everything that is said and take it in and some suggestions I use and others I keep for future reference. :) I like your idea of pin alignment, both horizontally and vertically and will keep that in mind when I make the next knife. Thanks for the suggestions robertmunford AKA Bob
  9. Thanks Jerrod looks like I have a little break in the rain for the next couple of days so will try to straighten the little buggers.
  10. Richard That is what I thought right up until the customer specifically showed me how he wanted the handle shaped. Hard to argue with a customer, being as they are always right. LOL You are correct it should flow and I was skeptical at first, then once I had it cut out and could hold it, it did feel good in the hand. I have had several other people hold it swing it and everyone liked the feel. I have three more to make for sure. One is a gift and then two more that will be purchased. One of those purchased is by a gentleman who does a lot of camping and hunting with his brother and he had it in his hand only for about 5 min and said make me one. The other is for the lady who is going to be doing my laser etching. robertmunford aka Bob
  11. Is that interesting as in looks good and will not hurt the knife or is there some issue with the placement. If I made a mistake please tell me because I now have 3 more to make with a 4th possible. Need to know about my mistakes so I do not make them again. I had them all inline when I marked them. Went inside for a cup of coffee and when I returned to the shop thought it looked like crap. Put it up and worked on the grinding jig I was building and the next day experimented with different pin placement. That seemed like I would hold the wide part of the handle a little better and to my novice eye it was pleasing. Showed the person that I was making the knife for and he liked it, so there it is.
  12. I finally got the knife completed. It was quite a journey, and required a lot of listening to some very great advise from the folks on here. The new owner wanted me to get it marked and I finally found someone to laser etch it for me. If you want to see the story about the journey I placed a short story in "The Way" called The story of a camp knife. Room for lots of improvement some I can see from looking at other peoples work, and I am sure that there are some I haven't even thought about. So any comments are greatly appreciated. There are quite a few more pics in the story in the way.
  13. Thank you Geoff and Aiden for the advice. Soaking it up and when the rain stops or at least lightens up some will try to make them straight. I put them on paper towels so they wouldn't cool completely before getting them into the oven. The paper towels may have been damp from humidity and then stacking them on top of each other didn't help either. So will hang them individually. I will have to figure out how to do it quickly because the lady that will be going my laser etching wants 6 to 10 of them to put in her display case. Thanks again Aiden and Geoff for taking the time to answer my questions. I value the advice that I get on here, this is the only forum that I have visited that people were friendly and willing to answer questions. No one has wrinkled their nose or called anyone stupid or dumb, and that means a whole lot to me and I am sure many others as well. So THANK YOU one and all. RobertMunford AKA Bob
  14. That Gerhard will teach you several different languages.
  15. ok here are some pics. the problem I have is I do not really have a spine on these ulu's. the pic with the circle on it is where the high spot on both blades is. I laid them on some paper towels I don't know if that was enough to hurt them. they are traditional grinds only on one side, which allows for them to be used for just about anything that you want to use them for. One lady that I gave one to used it to skin her deer, cut it up, and then to cook with. you DO NOT want to get on her bad side. LOL I am using a gallon can for my oil and had it some where around 130-140.
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