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  1. It has been several months since I have been here.  I have had personal issues that have kept me away from my forge.  The knife on the right was the camp knife that I had so many questions about.  The person who commissioned it backed out at the last moment.  The second from the right started life as a 2 inch ID ball bearing 1 inch wide.  Got to learn how to control my fire better as it was much wider to begin with.  LOL  going to be a kitchen knife once I get it sharpened.  It is harder than the hubs of hell, so it's taking some time to get sharp enough to satisfy me.  If you have read the story of a camp knife, it is what was left after I burned the handle portion off of the second blade.  It has a zebra wood handle.  The one on the left is another commission job. It is for a lady welder whose sister says she is never without a belt knife.  The blade is from a leaf spring finger guard is brass and handle is walnut with a knot in it.  Finish on all but the camp knife is TRU OIL gun stock finish.  The camp knife has satin tongue oil finish. All but the kitchen knife are bought and paid for, got wise this time.  LOL 


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