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  1. Mick try cold forging wood it works great LOL got to watch out for splinters though
  2. from the new old goat on the block WOW some day I hope to get there. got lots of learning to do first though.
  3. someone told me they got one from buckeye engraving. don't know anything about them just a name on my list when I need one
  4. type in www.iforgeiron.com/login and it will let you sign in or become a new member
  5. Thanks Vern Never thought to test for hardness that way.
  6. Warner Actually the knife is finished the only thing I might add is dished out wooden cutting board that would be just slightly larger than the curve of the blade. The Inuit Indians have very many variations of the Ulu, if you Google the name you will come up with many pictures of the Ulu. Most that are sold in the lower 48 states are called herb choppers and usually do not have such drastic curve to the blade. I almost bit off more than I could chew on my first try as it was really hard to get an almost even bevel along the entire curve. I spent many hours working by hand to get what
  7. My attempt at an Inuit Indian Ulu. Blade is 3.5 inches wide with single bevel. Top to bottom about 4.5 inches. Handle is Maple with copper wire for pins. Finish is food grade butcher block oil for food prep safety. Steel is from a large concrete cutting blade used on a gas powered saw. All comments good or bad are welcome as I am a newbi. I was able to get it file skating hard so believe it will hold and edge. Only time will tell....
  8. I road tested it. lit of the coal forge and completed a set of Kens iron tongs. I know I know a bunch of noses wrinkled but it gave me some hammer practice lengthing out the reins. The turned out fairly good being my first, and I was happy with the chunk of iron. I will probably be happy until I get to use a real anvil. LOL Next project some tongs from scratch. Got some steel today will try my luck tomorrow. If you see lots of lightening and hear lots of thunder near Memphis it is just me expressing my frustration. Wish me luck all Bob
  9. Back in March I posted a picture of a piece of steel and asked what would be a good way to use it as I could not afford an anvil. The attached picture is what I finally come up with. I was able to get it water jet cut and boy is that a nice smooth cut. The strike plate is 5x13x1.5 inches with a 1 inch hardy hole and weighs in at about 28 pounds. The plate that it is mounted on is 13x14.4x1.5 inches and weighs in at about 80 pounds. The legs are 2 inch schedule 40 pipe. I have not been able to road test it yet as I just finished it. All comments good or bad are welcom
  10. I want to thank you all for the inputs to my issue. My bride of 46 years in her infinite wisdom has named it Spring's Promise thanks again Robert
  11. thanks Jerrod thought this old goat had screwed up his computer royaly. LOL
  12. Question has the pics been removed? I can see the jpg file names but cannot make them appear. If it is my browser or the way I have my computer set up please tell me how to cure my problem. Robert
  13. No matter how you got what a great pic. Bob
  14. I like the first two because they are serious, the leaf it by the door I like even better. might have to twist the wifes arm a little. no I don't think so she would woop up on me. LOL my bride gets all the names she picks, if I twist she will not work for free anymore. LOL
  15. Thanks Brian I understand branch current being as I used to teach starting, charging and ignition in a Navy Class A school. Makes sense to me and you, others I don't think so. LOL Flowing vine however is nice. I am going to give my bride of 46 years all the names and let her come up with the final name. When she does I will post it.
  16. I made this from 5/8ths copper tubing and grounding wire. Need a name to complete it. Brain just won't cooperate PLEASE HELP.
  17. Salem just one question? Are we allowed to drool as we look at the pics and video. Beautiful job even a newbie can see that. Robert
  18. Thanks Gary: Yup KISS "keep it simple stupid" has been the advice given to me more than once over the years, and is a piece of advice I have given more than once around my shops and in the class rooms I have taught in. I will have a little practice beating on iron before I even start on a knife. I plan on making a couple of tongs so will have some idea what I am doing. Then comes the hard part, designing a blade, then making one, and finally putting a handle on it. I hope that the handle will be the easiest part for me being as I used to do quite a bit of wood working in my younger days
  19. I need to make one. Forney industries sells a set of diamond burrs that fit a dremel. Will have to give it a go. Robert Got in mind a small blade. One similar to a knife I bought in the mid 70s. I guess that dates me for sure. lol
  20. Boy howdy I looked at the prices of there stock and cringed. If what I have is to small to make a knife with I will use it to make some "tools" with, after all it is tool steel. LOL
  21. Joshua if you have any forging skills at all they will be better then mine, as I have yet to light off the forge I just built. So keep talking I might learn a thing or two. LOL
  22. Nice cat, great weapon. Robert
  23. A bar set so high most of us will never get over. But will be so much fun trying. All I can say is WOW Keep showing us your wonderful work it inspires me and I am sure many others.
  24. WOW beautiful. Will you tell us what kind of steel you used. And is that hot bluing or am I getting into somewhere I shouldn't go. Robert
  25. Thanks to all for the comments and advice. At least I didn't get took. Yes Alan I did read the thread and several other articals and all the pros and cons and that is what gave a headache. LOL I guess when I get a set of tongs made I will attempt to make something from a part of one of the drill rods. Good or bad I will post what I make and good or bad I will post a pic of my first attempt at tongs. And then by that time I hope someone online will have some 10xx steel for me to order (I have been to several online places and all were out of stock) and I will see how bad I can screw
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