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  1. I have watched videos, read comments on this forum and others, read specifications, on different types of steels. Have seen comments by some of the most experienced of you all, about which steel to start with, and I am so confused that my head hurts. LOL Now my question is this, I picked up 2 three foot rods of 5/8, 01 drill rod for about $40, did I get took or is that a fair price. When I get some tongs made and am ready to begin making my first blade that is what I plan to use. Don't be gentle and don't spare the rod "pun intended" let me know if I was crazy. Robert
  2. where you live rob I will work cheaper. two rib eyes and some ice tea LOL robert
  3. Now that looks like it will be better when finished than my old hickory that I use regularly while cooking. And I love to cook. Robert
  4. Murad What an awesome beautiful photo of the blade laid out on the photo taken by your son. With the story behind it shared with the whole world. BTW
  5. Allen you need to advertise that in Colorado those boys out there would fall all over them selves to have one. LOL Love the wood work. Robert
  6. Question: I have heard that you can make the forge coating that goes over your insulating material from water glass and aluminum oxide abrasive grit. Is this true and will it stand up fairly well. Robert
  7. Alan I do know you are not supposed to hijack the thread, so please forgive me. But I don't know if I have stepped on any ones toes when I have made comments in some of the threads. If I have please tell me to stop and reign me in I get a little vocal and like to poke fun. I find this forum to very interesting and informative and do not want to be banned.
  8. I had gloves on just not leather Oh stupid me.
  9. Thanks loads Simonet . I have one of those only 9 miles away. So now it looks like I will be a 2 forge newbie and still not have made tool or knife. Oh well I will get there soon I think. Thanks again. Robert
  10. Sam that was my thinking when I watched the you tube video. But I have thrown away more for worse so maybe I will try them. will at least let me know where not to go. Daym I don't know if I should be proud of myself, or worried that I will be banned from the forum. LOL It seems that every time I place a comment or question I seem to be starting a war. LOL Let me know Alan if I step on any ones toes to hard ROFLMAO
  11. And you have to watch those pesky little angle grinders with flap wheels I know it hardly requires a bandaid. LOL
  12. WHEW Glad I didn't get into that scrum at the beginning. A newbie wouldn't stand a chance. LOL You guys are great love it Robert .
  13. Dustin have you found any yet? I am near Memphis and have been looking myself.
  14. Dan that makes a lot us amateur machinists drool. LOL Lucky you to be around to use it.
  15. I agree with all the comments above. Also make sure you are trying to start under a no load condition. Most have an unloader valve make sure it is working.
  16. All I got to say is watch them close they bite also LOL
  17. Booo Hisss Dan what happened you had me all interested and then you left me high and dry. LOL Robert
  18. I know that it has been a long time since this was posted. So question is are the pics still available. I see spots for them but can not get them to show up. Just an old goat asking a silly question LOL Robert
  19. WOW Beautiful
  20. Even if you do not play the game it would be a wonderful conversation piece to have on a coffee table. Love the intricate work that you have put into the game board.
  21. From the newbie on the block. WOW Maybe just maybe if this 69 yo old goat lives long enough I just might try to do something like that. Again WOW
  22. I can only hope that my very first start making and see where it ends up is near as good. lol I like it very much clean simple lines Robert
  23. I know your loss Bear it the big one he was 15 when I had to have him put down for uncureable cancer tumor. shadow is the little one we still have her. She is a chug, ten foot tall and bullet proof. LOL Bear was my dog so I am very sorry for your loss. Robert
  24. sasha my black lab rescue dog from paws and claws. 4 yr old and still thinks she is pup. smart as a whip and totally bull headed. wife says she takes after her master.
  25. thanks Brian I thought about cutting it but the cuts would be a problem, the next problem is welding. Most places that I have found around here have pileit welders on staff. You know a little pile here and a little pile there and call it good. And although I can weld some I am a pileit welder. LOL So that is on back burner at this time. Thanks for the link Jon took a brief look and will go back and read totally and follow the imbedded links. Alan it is terrible that someone so far away has to remind me of something so close to home. Thanks.
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