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  1. Murad What an awesome beautiful photo of the blade laid out on the photo taken by your son. With the story behind it shared with the whole world. BTW

  2. Alan I do know you are not supposed to hijack the thread, so please forgive me.  But I don't know if I have stepped on any ones toes when I have made comments in some of the threads.  If I have please tell me to stop and reign me in I get a little vocal and like to poke fun.  I find this forum to very interesting and informative and do not want to be banned.

  3. Thanks loads Simonet .  I have one of those only 9 miles away.  So now it looks like I will be a 2 forge newbie and still not have made tool or knife.  Oh well I will get there soon I think.  Thanks again.


  4. 11 hours ago, Sam Salvati said:

    Those quick twist tongs are a travesty unto tong making, such a joke. Better then nothing I guess but putting a twist in the weakest point, not smart.

    Sam that was my thinking when I watched the you tube video.  But I have thrown away more for worse so maybe I will try them.  will at least let me know where not to go.  :) 


    8 hours ago, Brian Myers said:

    How would you do it Sam? :D  By the way, I've always wondered. I'm a big fan of Reforged, you and Ilya are two of my favorite craftsman. What happens to the weapons you guys make? Sent to the sponsors or is there a secret war room under the building waiting for the zombie apocalypse? 

    Daym  I don't know if I should be proud of myself, or worried that I will be banned from the forum.  LOL   It seems that every time I place a comment or question I seem to be starting a war.  LOL Let me know Alan if I step on any ones toes to hard  ROFLMAO

  5. I know your loss  Bear it the big one he was 15 when I had to have him put down for uncureable cancer tumor.  shadow is the little one we still have her.  She is a chug, ten foot tall and bullet proof.   LOL 


    Bear was my dog so I am very sorry for your loss.



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  6. thanks Brian I thought about cutting it but the cuts would be a problem, the next problem is welding.  Most places that I have found around here have pileit welders on staff.  You know a little pile here and a little pile there and call it good.  And although I can weld some I am a pileit welder.  LOL So that is on back burner at this time.

    Thanks for the link Jon took a brief look and will go back and read totally and follow the imbedded links.

    Alan it is terrible that someone so far away has to remind me of something so close to home.  Thanks. 

  7. I am one of those poor folks on a "fixed income"  LOL and have not been able to find an anvil I could afford.  So have done the done the next best thing.  I purchased a chunk of steel 13x39x1.5 inches for $25 and hope to make it do as an anvil.  I got it out of a foundry/machine shop that went out of business.  I do not know what kind of steel it is, but think it might be tool or low 10xx.  I has been machined very smooth on all sides and one side looks to be polished under the fine grained rust.  Plan on mounting it on a 14 inch diameter hard wood stump I had cut for the purpose of mounting an anvil.  Have been toying with the idea of cutting it in half, cutting a hardy hole some how in one half and then welding the two halves together before mounting on the stump. 

    This newbe would love to hear what you all think and have learned the hard way. 

    I hope I have put this request in the correct place, and if I have not please set me straight as I am an old goat trying to get into the new century.  :)

    Picture 270.jpg

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