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  1. Hello again

    Robert here again S Cruse I don't know where Springfield Missouri is in relation to Memphis but while out and about this afternoon I found a place in Memphis that sells it. It is a scrap yard and they sell it for .25 cents a pound.  There name is ISKIWITZ METAL CO.  604 Marble Ave.  Memphis, TN 38107  phone number is 901-526-8944.  It might make a good day trip down to pick up a piece of RR and go see the new Bass Pro it is awesome.  They have been around since 1925.  Now I don't know how it is going to work but Worley's scrap yard bought an old foundry and I found a piece of steel 13x39x1.5 inches hope it will make a fair anvil if it does not I am only out $25.  Was going to upload a pic but does not like my file.   Keep looking S C you will find something. 


  2. I found my chunk of RR at a local scrap yard in  Ripley TN.  They cut it to the length I wanted, so definitely check your local scrap yards.  I want to thank Dave for the link to old world anvils.  I have seen and exchanged emails with a gentleman in china that has two anvils about the same size as the ones Dave is talking about.  Fancier but the seemed to work well.  BZ Dave thinking seriously about the stake anvil since my vise and RR are mounted on stumps.  LOL 

    S Cruse thank you for your service.  I spent 26 years in Navy and am now totally retarded  Oh I mean retired.

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