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  1. Aha I see my error. Will try forging hotter next time. What you guys are saying about leaf spring is definitely interesting! Thanks for letting me know, perhaps I will order some W1 in the future instead of working leaf springs.
  2. Well it's been a while and I have finished this forge, thought I'd share the results: This forge fires up pretty quick and heats steel with ease. In the picture you can see I have created a wall from wood ashes to limit my fire size. I started working on a piece of steel I cut from a leaf spring and it was hard to draw a tang even at bright orange hot. Perhaps it is due to my hammer weighting only 1.5 pounds haha but I think it should be annealed anyway, so I heated the piece and buried it in the hot charcoals. Let me know what you think =] Guy
  3. Ahh the Whitlox forge,I originally thought building my forge this way, however I think I will end up building it more like Lively's forge with rounded walls (just with refractory cement instead of adobe) and wider bottom compared to the V design. Their tuyere is interesting though, with offset slits instead of holes. I think I've seen a recommendation in one of the threads here to have slits because they don't clog as easily. Anyway, thanks for the tips Don!
  4. Thanks Doug your insight is valued! I too suspected that the squared design would adversely affect the efficiency of the forge. I'll change the design and start gathering the materials I'm still missing. Hopefully it will soon start to take shape
  5. Hello friends, I am new around here and to the art of bladesmithing as well. So, as a first step I am designing and building my forge, which will also serve as a HT forge for the knives to be Basically I am going to weld together a box-like steel frame which will hold the fire-bricks in place. Along the center line a pipe with holes will serve as a tuyere. I have made a rough sketch of a section of the forge (the floor and one of the side walls): In the sketch you can see I am planning to use soft bricks as an insulation between the heat and the steel body, and hard bricks a
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