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  1. Hi everyone! Greetings from the forge.52100+copper+420.Sizes 205*30*5(mm) I`m recieving orders for such types of blades(and other).
  2. Good day, my friends!I want to offer some mosaic blades. All blades are hardened(58-60HRC) and polished. Cutting edge is twisted pattern.Steels:1095+O1.Body is made of 15n20+pure nickel+1095 1)125*28*4.5.Price 100$+shipping 2)125*32*4.Price 140$+shipping
  3. Thanks Austin.Nearly the same.420(С-0,4% Сr-13%)+52100. I`m going to forge D2+440C,D2+1095
  4. Hi folks,my new semistainless damascus blade.What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fYXdnXS8fE
  5. Thanks!!!!I am very glad to hear this words
  6. 5 inch damascus mosaic blades In the midlle D2 laminated with semi-stainless damascus
  7. 10 inch damascus mosaic dagger.Hard work for me
  8. Laminated blade with copper 95*28*4.8
  9. Thanks man. New pair of mosaic blades
  10. Another one sgian-dub.Scottish Highland knife blade..
  11. Some daggers forged.Grinding by O.Hudenko Dimensions 5 inches and 7 long 1.5-wide
  12. Amazing work!Unreal detalization.
  13. Thanks,yes am going.May be some mosaic blades,or laminated. Thanks,yes it blocks diffusion.Non diffusion into\from. New mosaic blades.Blades are nearly the same... Blade sizes 130\30\4mm
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