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  1. Laminated\Damascus blades

    Hi everyone! Greetings from the forge.52100+copper+420.Sizes 205*30*5(mm) I`m recieving orders for such types of blades(and other).
  2. Mosaic Damascus

    Good day, my friends!I want to offer some mosaic blades. All blades are hardened(58-60HRC) and polished. Cutting edge is twisted pattern.Steels:1095+O1.Body is made of 15n20+pure nickel+1095 1)125*28*4.5.Price 100$+shipping 2)125*32*4.Price 140$+shipping
  3. Laminated\Damascus blades

    Thanks Austin.Nearly the same.420(С-0,4% Сr-13%)+52100. I`m going to forge D2+440C,D2+1095
  4. Laminated\Damascus blades

    Hi folks,my new semistainless damascus blade.What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fYXdnXS8fE
  5. Laminated\Damascus blades

    Thanks!!!!I am very glad to hear this words
  6. Laminated\Damascus blades

    5 inch damascus mosaic blades In the midlle D2 laminated with semi-stainless damascus
  7. Laminated\Damascus blades

    10 inch damascus mosaic dagger.Hard work for me
  8. Laminated\Damascus blades

    Laminated blade with copper 95*28*4.8
  9. Laminated\Damascus blades

    Thanks man. New pair of mosaic blades
  10. Laminated\Damascus blades

    Another one sgian-dub.Scottish Highland knife blade..
  11. Laminated\Damascus blades

    The second
  12. Laminated\Damascus blades

    Some daggers forged.Grinding by O.Hudenko Dimensions 5 inches and 7 long 1.5-wide
  13. ULFBERHT sword blade WIP

    Amazing work!Unreal detalization.
  14. Kentucky Toothpick

  15. Laminated\Damascus blades

    Thanks,yes am going.May be some mosaic blades,or laminated. Thanks,yes it blocks diffusion.Non diffusion into\from. New mosaic blades.Blades are nearly the same... Blade sizes 130\30\4mm