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  1. Hi everyone! Greetings from the forge.52100+copper+420.Sizes 205*30*5(mm) I`m recieving orders for such types of blades(and other).
  2. Good day, my friends!I want to offer some mosaic blades. All blades are hardened(58-60HRC) and polished. Cutting edge is twisted pattern.Steels:1095+O1.Body is made of 15n20+pure nickel+1095 1)125*28*4.5.Price 100$+shipping 2)125*32*4.Price 140$+shipping
  3. Thanks Austin.Nearly the same.420(С-0,4% Сr-13%)+52100. I`m going to forge D2+440C,D2+1095
  4. Hi folks,my new semistainless damascus blade.What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fYXdnXS8fE
  5. Thanks!!!!I am very glad to hear this words
  6. 5 inch damascus mosaic blades In the midlle D2 laminated with semi-stainless damascus
  7. 10 inch damascus mosaic dagger.Hard work for me
  8. Laminated blade with copper 95*28*4.8
  9. Thanks man. New pair of mosaic blades
  10. Another one sgian-dub.Scottish Highland knife blade..
  11. Some daggers forged.Grinding by O.Hudenko Dimensions 5 inches and 7 long 1.5-wide
  12. Amazing work!Unreal detalization.
  13. Thanks,yes am going.May be some mosaic blades,or laminated. Thanks,yes it blocks diffusion.Non diffusion into\from. New mosaic blades.Blades are nearly the same... Blade sizes 130\30\4mm
  14. Thanks Wes.I apprisiate your opinion,thanks again. Persian blade
  15. Hi folks! I wanna show my last laminated blade 5" long 1-1\4" wide Stainless steel+carbon steel. Soon I`m gonna make some blades for sale... Best regards Roman
  16. Hello My last mosaic-damascuc blade Grind by Oleg Xudenko Thanks for your support and comments.
  17. I had such problem.I think its a bad forge weld...
  18. Hello My last mosaic-damascuc blades Thanks for your support and comments.
  19. Thanks man.So its not such traditional welding as you think.Its a kind of diffusion welding. If you do the welding right-it wont crack during the quenching process,if not- Yes in the canister.The first weld is the final. My crosses transformed
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