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  1. Huge thanks to Mareko Maumasi for developing this pattern and putting it out there for others to try! This video is part one in a series i'm doing on this pattern. here we are prepping, stacking, initial forge welding and then machining and re-stacking the billet to develop the braid like pattern. this can be done with less sophisticated tools but i have access to some cool stuff so i use it.
  2. A quick look at my 16 ton Coal Ironworks hydraulic press! i absolutely love this thing, go check them out... https://www.coaliron.com/
  3. if anyone is interested in seeing their metal structure under micro its not too expensive to set up. i can do comparative hardness test to go with it too.
  4. yeah we were thinking the same thing. so thats interesting because this piece was cooked in the forge for a long time and by conventional thinking there SHOULD be more carbon migration... but the test prove otherwise. yay for science.
  5. so heres the long and short of it, i now work with grad students at UCI and have made friends with a couple SEM (scanning electron microscope) operates so we tested a buddys metal and what we found was rather interesting. here are some pics. above is increasing levels of magnification to the micron level here we see that the metal has bonded on the atomic level. above we see the elemental migration between the bonded metals interesting to note the ni is the biggest differential. this also limits carbon migration into the 304 hardness test AEB-L vs 304
  6. IMHO its hand made unless you use a cnc or computer to produce the desired result then it becomes production... but what about the guys that waterjet and then grind... semi-production... but if u use your brain then its handmade. i hand forge all my knives, but i set my welds and draw out my tangs on a power hammer, it takes a different skill set then hand hammering but it still requires you learn a technique not just program a machine. i hand file and use a grinder but i always hand finish. use what you can or what you want (sometimes i only hand hammer in a coal forge and file) and som
  7. http://www.cashenblades.com/info.html best info on the net right here for forgable steel
  8. also the bars should be cleaned of scale before rewelding...
  9. thanks for the positive feedback, I like your video glossary idea. ill have to play with that when i have some time.
  10. LOL yeah that metal in the face kinda hurt too LOL thanks for the positive feedback!
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