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  1. Thanks guys. I was very happy with this one. Did not enjoy working with the ebony,but love how it came out especially alongside the nickle. I may have to make one for myself.
  2. That's really cool. I love it when you get the chance to incorporate something personal in a piece
  3. Just finished this 3.75" 1095 blade with nickle silver guard, turquoise, nickle and rest fibre spacers, Ebony handle, .0625 nickle accent pins and a brass main pin with nickle eye.
  4. Elk has a lot of soft spongy marrow or pith and a pretty thin solid outer layer.to keep it all solid I fill with epoxy or cyanoacrylate.
  5. Nice work. Did you print the positive that you then made a mold of?
  6. Just finished this 4.875" 1095 clip point with brass guard wenge, orange g10, zebrano spacers and an elk antler handle
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