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  1. Btw, I've tried to make an hamon in this push dagger but without success I've used real clay to "protect" the center, but didn't got the hamon
  2. Thank you again for your replies, and here's the push dagger that I made last week
  3. Yeah, found it. I was looking for a template. Glad for your quick replies Next week I'll take a week vacation to visit my dad and I'll use his forge to made one
  4. Hello dunno if this is the right forum to ask this, but could you please tell me what's the name of this kind of knife? http://images.shopmadeinchina.com/B133087384040BB5E040007F0100571C/157/8438157_2/The-triangle-knife-hine-holster-lighter-lighter_8438157_2.jpg Found it searching by "triangle knife", but I believe that there is a name for it Thanks in advance
  5. Hello everyone I'm new in this forum. I hope to use it to learn more I'm son and grandson of blacksmiths, but I just make knives as a hobby This is my first hunting knife that I made last summer. The design is mine inspired in some knives also the sheath that was my first time working with leather Hope you like it
  6. Hi all I want to make a kitchen knife, a Santoku What I want to know is what type of steel do you masters recommend me? I don't want to use Inox steel, because, well, it sucks, I would like to use some kind of carbon steel but the problem is to wash it in the dish washing machine and prevent that it will get rusty. Is there any kind of treatment to prevent rusty? Thank you
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