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  1. Andrew, my printer is a Printrbot Simple Metal, with a heated bed. The build volume is 6 x 6 x 6. Or for millimeter people that would be 150mm x 150mm x 150mm. I just received my first order of O1 tool steel. The steel is 3/16" x 1 1/2" flat bar. I need to make 4 knives before Christmas including the leather holsters.
  2. I made a 10o angle guide to help me set up the angle between the platten and the flat bed.
  3. Wayne, I am not sure what 1 1/2" reducer you are referring to. There is nothing on my forge that is 1 1/2". Everything I have is 2".
  4. Geoff, I never said I had a forced air burner. I knew I did not have a blower pushing air into the forge. However, your statement is still valid. Thank you. With everyones input I am changing my plans about insulation. There will be 2" of insulation on all sides of the forge. Thanks everyone for your input. Will post pictures when forge is complete.
  5. A update to my forge project. There is now a 2" opening on the back side of the forge. It is treaded so I can cap it off if need be. The Support for the burner is also in place. It is also a 2". I checked with a distributor here in Tulsa about the insulation. They tell me the 1" insulation is good to 2300 degree. I can always add more. With the 1" insulation there will be a 6x6 work area in the forge. I plan on having a single insulated fire brick on the bottom of the forge to rest work piece on. I am contemplating buying a piece of 8" sch. 40 pipe and making a round forge to compare the two.
  6. Jerrod, I am not using a forced air burner on this forge. This is the burner I purchased. http://www.ebay.com/itm/U-S-made-Gas-burner-blacksmith-forge-raku-kiln-propane-foundry-150-000-BTU-/231758543576?hash=item35f5e2bad8:g:Lu4AAOSwzOxUXlEH Doug the diamensions are correct. The forge is 8"x8"x12". It will have 1" of insulation on the sides and 2" at the ends.
  7. I am in the process of building my first propane gas forge. The question I have is it necessary to have extra vent to allow more oxygen into the forge? My forge is a square tube 8x8x12 horizontal forge. One end is welded close. The open end has a door on it with a 3x5 opening so that I can place my blades into the forge while it is running. The propane burner will be mounted on the right side 6" from the front of the forge, at a 45 degee angle.
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