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  1. Really apreciate all of your advices after considering your comments, i think building a gas forge would be better now how do i make it? i still want to keep my idea of making the detachable bottom part so that it can stand as a horizontal forge with both ends open ( venturi burner ) and attach the bottom part and use it as a normal forge for my other DIY projects outside bladesmithing For the forge, after the outer steel drum, then the kaowool insulation isn't it? How thick should the insulation be? and is the inside part of the wool touch directly with the fire? or should i cover it with some kind of plaster, mixture, or anything ?
  2. Hi i just decided to enter this knife and blade making hobby and haven't even build my first knife yet. First of all i want to build my workshop and get everything ready from hammers, anvils, tongs, mills, etc But i am still a college student, so the budget can't get high enough to buy everything new. So, i am thinking about building some of it my own as it would be cheaper, and the first thing is making a forge. Because of the fact that every process needs a certain type of different forge, I'm thinking about making one that is multi purpose, portable, and transformable into specific use. Below is the rough image of my design I will be using a steel drum with some insulation between the burning chamber and the drum The bottom part is detachable so that i can use it horizontally above a stool for heating specific part of a long blade or i can attach the bottom part and use it to vertically on the ground The air inlets are used to put air flow in using a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner (when using charcoal) or maybe use a propane torch through the same hole. dimension length 60cm + 15cm ( 24 inch + 6 inch ) diameter 30cm ( 12 inch ) I want to ask some questions : What type of insulation should i use ? i am thinking to make it from concrete mixture to make it cheaper, or do you have any other suggestions ? How thick should i make the insulation ? How many air inlets should i make ? my plan is to make 3 on 1 side or should i make it on both side ? For the overall design, will it work ? considering i want to use it for forging, hardening, heat treating, and any other process that requires heat I am hoping to get a very useful suggestions and tips from this forum as there aren't any blacksmith in my town ( i am from Surabaya, Indonesia ) that i can get instructions from. I would really appreciate any suggestions or even a detailed design that you think would work for my plans above if you think my original design are a big failure. thanks
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