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I'm darn close to 28 and have been forging since my teens. Ive always enjoyed working with my hands and head. With hopes one day of building a timber frame house, what better buikding to practice on than a smithing shed! I harvested a Red Oak, split it by hand into beams then trued them up on my out-law's bandmill. I hand hewed two before hand, then decided i wanted a shed before i retired, so band mill it was. With them I built my forging shed timber frame style and raised with help of my family on raising day. Basically i try to make whatever i can, tools or whatnot. Sometimes i can, othertimes i learn and end up buying it. With a homemade gas and coal forge and an old farriers anvil I have fun and learn every time I make something. I enjoy making medium to small quality blades and simple damascus, but hopefully soon I will venture out into the endless country of long blades. I also do basic blacksmith work when I have a chance or get to make something differect.

I also enjoy doing woodworking and leather work as well. Hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking in God's creation, and above all, trying to be a good a father and husband. That's what I pretty much fill the rest of my time with asides from my day job. My little girls love the forge, what's better than that?

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