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  1. You know I wasn't really paying attention when I put this up and had intended to have the price a bit higher, but it's there now and I don't really care enough to change it.
  2. Kind of like this, you always end up with glare anyways but it brightens up the hamon, this is 1080 brought up to 1500 and it hasn't been etched at all.
  3. You might want to try this. I know it's a terrible drawing but what I am trying to get at is take a photo along the length of the blade with the light source at the far end above the blade, try moving the camera until the reflection of the light just moves off the blade, also limit your light to a single source, a dark room with either a spot light or directional work light works best for me.
  4. I saw your WIP on Instagram, but seeing the finished product is astounding. Awesome work sir!
  5. I remember reading the process for rust blueing Parker Hale shotgun barrels, it involved many cycles of light rusting, boiling and removing excess oxides with a fine wire wheel.
  6. Thanks Timothy, I have others but they have an "as etched finish" and several other blade shapes
  7. This is my first time trying to sell something here, so here it goes. 1075 steel (with hamon) Blade: 4-3/4"x3/16" 10-1/8 oal Nara scales with mosaic pins and integral guard. Comes with kydex sheath with leather lashing(1-1/2 tek lok compatible) Price is $200 or best offer Sorry for the horrible pictures
  8. There is also touchstone center for crafts in SW Pennsylvania, they have an exelent blacksmith's shop and have classes in the summer.
  9. You could try making a simple wooden scabbard and base it upon the current bayonet scabbards to give it that "tactical" look even lash a small honing steel onto it to make it multipurpose.
  10. I've experimented with this steel quite a bit, and the best results in hamon formation for me are achieved by only heating the edge . The only issue is that usually there is quite low activity but if done right high definition
  11. Don't ever let it touch water, it will crack every time
  12. I basically use all hand tools (me and belt sanders have agreed to disagree) the only power tool I consistently use is a hand drill (which can be replaced with a bit and brace) if you forge close and use good files shaping is pretty easy and finishing the blade after HT can be done with just sand paper on a stick.
  13. Others are welcome to share stories and images of when your knives gave you a painful reminder of just how sharp they are!
  14. So, I was trying to get the most from the hamon on a blade I had to re finish (because my signature didn't etch right) and while using paste polish on a padded paper towel I slipped over the edge and cut deeply into my knuckle on my right index finger. After waiting in emergency at JFK hospital for a few hours I ended up with 4 stitches. moral of this story is if the blade is already sharp you should be extra careful when doing final polishing. At least the hamon looks good though!
  15. I use rhynowet works great! As far as the hamon is concerned I agree on your assessment and hope the others turned out goid
  16. So I am about ready to list these new blades but I haven't thought of a good name yet, y'all think you can help?
  17. The hamon looks good, but I see what you mean about it being too close to the edge, I don't mean to offer obvious suggestions, but did you try pre heating the spine to just below critical then flipping the blade and heating the edge?
  18. Second. If I actually get into this I have some pretty good stuff just lying around so I'd probably use that.
  19. What about a file welded to a WI wagon wheel? That's "scrap" but both are pretty well known on quality.
  20. Let's drop that bar down a fair bit more. I've made a few this year and have quite a few more in the works but these were my favorites. A nice big Bowie knife I sold on AZCK Another (quite a bit cleaner) Bowie knife that I forged from rail road track, that has unfortunately not sold yet. And finally a nice long run of Damascus neck knives(that I was ironically making at the same time as the Christmas exchange)
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