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  1. Ok now it's starting to look like my kneck of the woods. I love it.
  2. I love the blade, the bronze and that guard is giving me ideas. Man you knocked it out of the park.
  3. That tracker could be a twin to a knife I made about 20 years ago. I still use it to skin deer. Classic shape. All business no bullshit.
  4. Nice axe. I bet getting that radius that clean was a real pain. Congrats for getting it right and furthering your skills.
  5. I'm with John on this one. I think I'll just go back to making guns. Damn!
  6. I think that's first time I've seen a pommel of this type with a peen block. Man It looks great. Now I want to try it.
  7. Mr. Jim only you would consider that a failure. All of your work is beautiful and I'm always blown away by how fast you crank these pieces out. Dude do you ever sleep?
  8. I love that pattern. I agree the fuller makes it pop. Wish the get together was on this end of the country. I'd love to see this blade in person.
  9. It does look like one piece. That would be a bear to pull off. It's a cool blade either way.
  10. That is one fine knife and as far as the guard not being historical, It looks like it has a 19th century vibe to me. I love it.
  11. Congrats brother! Great piece and for the record if you watch the cut on the rope that guy blew the cut on both blades. He didn't line his blade right.
  12. I love that pattern and the handle is beautiful.
  13. Great work on that fuller. I bet that was a major pain in the ass.
  14. Congrats on the anvil. I can't find a good one in my area. People here know the value of a good anvil and they tend to hand them down. I've seen family fueds over which son gets the guns or the anvil.
  15. Dave I agree, you only need 2d If you are using Peter's circle design. I work for the Corps of Engineers and I also use Cadd all day. MicroStation, AutoCadd and Civil3d. I've had a class in Revit but doing mostly civil projects it's useless to me. You might be able to buy the student version through a college book store for fairly cheap.
  16. I love the inlay work. It's plain to see that this is not your first inlay job. I also like the wire on the lobe. I'm with Mr. Craft on the hammered look. It might be cool to make something with that effect.
  17. Do you stabilize your own blanks? I'm in the process of building some vacuum chambers for that. The price of stabilized blanks has forced me to expand a little.
  18. Are all those pins penetrating the tang? If so I feel your pain. I'm with Dave on the time frame. Hell I spent three days on a cross guard.
  19. That looks great. Looks a little like a trigger guard. I love the cow bone. I've been pondering using some on a knife and now I think I will.
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