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  1. Ok thanks for the information I will not use oak in the future!
  2. Also what about black walnut I have a lot of that laying around?
  3. Hey guys I am looking for advice about a saya I made. I made a saya out of red oak for a kitchen knife i made out of 1095. I finished it and when I pulled the knife out about a month later so i can give it away the blade was quite rusty. I had put Renaissance wax on it before I put it in the saya but it was attacked through the wax. My question though is red oak simply a poor choice for a saya? I have made some out of poplar, curly ash, and pine and none of those have had the rusting issue even with 1095 blades in them.
  4. So i am curently making a template for a bronze sword and i came upon this great resource. http://www.britishmuseum.org/research/collection_online/collection_object_details.aspx?objectId=808117&partId=1
  5. This stuff is super tough and finicky. I used the power hammer to draw it out and then a hand hammer to make it wide enough.It will start cracking and you have to stop and grind them out.
  6. So i finally finished up a blade with the wootz i forged out from fire and brimstone. I want to thank jeff pringle for his insight into wootz and edward braun for his challenge to create a hamon. steel: homemade crucible steel/wootz Handle: purple heart and lightening strike carbon fiber saya: curly ash Note: there is some staining due to using it on food before taking pics
  7. Do you weld in a stainless steel foil packet?
  8. unfortunately I missed last year. 2014 and 2015 were cold.
  9. I should get there friday in the afternoon. I hope the weather isnt freezing this time haha.
  10. Love the stop pin! When making san mai do you forge in bevels or grind them in?
  11. Great post! I have wondered how the serpent was created. Are there other methods to achieving the serpent?
  12. I tried with internet explorer and you can see the videos there. I guess the forum doesnt like firefox.
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