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  1. Nick Woo

    Bronze Sword dimensions?

    So i am curently making a template for a bronze sword and i came upon this great resource. http://www.britishmuseum.org/research/collection_online/collection_object_details.aspx?objectId=808117&partId=1
  2. This stuff is super tough and finicky. I used the power hammer to draw it out and then a hand hammer to make it wide enough.It will start cracking and you have to stop and grind them out.
  3. So i finally finished up a blade with the wootz i forged out from fire and brimstone. I want to thank jeff pringle for his insight into wootz and edward braun for his challenge to create a hamon. steel: homemade crucible steel/wootz Handle: purple heart and lightening strike carbon fiber saya: curly ash Note: there is some staining due to using it on food before taking pics
  4. Nick Woo

    Laminated Shirogami (white steel) #1 Petty

    Do you weld in a stainless steel foil packet?
  5. Nick Woo

    Bone Seax ( in work )

  6. Nick Woo

    10th Annual Fire and Brimstone Hammer-in

    unfortunately I missed last year. 2014 and 2015 were cold.
  7. Nick Woo

    10th Annual Fire and Brimstone Hammer-in

    I should get there friday in the afternoon. I hope the weather isnt freezing this time haha.
  8. Nick Woo


    Thanks for the info!
  9. Nick Woo

    8.5" W2 Sanmai Gyuto

    Love the stop pin! When making san mai do you forge in bevels or grind them in?
  10. Nick Woo


    Great post! I have wondered how the serpent was created. Are there other methods to achieving the serpent?
  11. Nick Woo

    My first trys at making crucible steel

    I tried with internet explorer and you can see the videos there. I guess the forum doesnt like firefox.
  12. Nick Woo

    My first trys at making crucible steel

  13. Nick Woo

    My first trys at making crucible steel

  14. So I have been playing around with crucible steel lately. The first two ingots i made were most likely cast iron and would not forge without cracking. The third and fourth ingots were still very high carbon but were about to be forged. I over heated one half of ingot 4 while forging and it cracked all over but the other half forged out well with better heat control. over all I will say I really want a forging press. Edit The videos I posted are not showing for me. Are they missing? If they are what is the correct way to post a youtube video? www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0yvUTSOhoE