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  1. jheinen

    Forging the Plunge

    I do exactly as you described, and it seems no matter how careful I am, the simple fact that I'm hammering steel against an anvil means that I can't get a transition that has to be ground back somewhat. I've been thinking about making a guillotine tool for this, maybe that's what I'll have to try. How sharp is the radius on you hammer and anvil where you do this?
  2. jheinen

    Forging the Plunge

    Hey folks, I was hoping some of you might have some tips on forging the plunges. I've been struggling with the transition between the ricasso and the blade. I believe it is generally preferred to have the plunge line inline with the heel of the blade. Note the picture below. I'm want to get the plunge to be where the green line is. The problem is that when pulling down the blade edge there are hammer marks in the circled red area that need to be ground away, which means I have to push the plunge back deeper into the ricasso. Basically the problem is that I can't get a sharp angle between the ricasso and the blade. When I forge it, the transition slopes from the ricasso to the blade, and I can't see any way to avoid that.
  3. Great googly moogly! That's some absolutely superb craftsmanship right there!. Well done, sir. Well. Done.
  4. jheinen

    Flat grind

    You could take it to a full flat grind. The would make the guard fit a little bit easier. It's a fairly seaxy looking design, and a flat grind would be more in keeping with the seax style.
  5. jheinen

    Flat grind

    You might find it tricky to fit the guard without a ricasso or a full flat grind. You'll have to file the slot to match the contours of the grind, and I find it challenging enough when doing it with a flat grind, let alone following the angles. If you're very careful and take your time, it can be done.
  6. jheinen

    Flat grind

    What you've got there is a saber grind. A flat grind is a continuous, flat bevel from the edge to the spine with no transitions. I also notice that there's no ricasso. What kind of guard are you planning, if any?
  7. jheinen

    Perhaps the busiest knife I have ever made...

    Wow. Very striking! I love it.
  8. jheinen

    Bolt tongs.

    As it happens, Nick Rossi just posted a great video on making tongs to the NESM YouTube channel:
  9. I wear a cheap harbor freight leather work glove on my left (tong) hand. They're eight bucks for a pack of five pairs. I also cool my tongs in the slack tub after every heat or two.
  10. By the Beard of Odin Allfather! Wow! Beautiful work!
  11. jheinen

    Power Hammer or Mill?

    Yes, this is exactly the problem on the blade in question. I like the mirror trick.
  12. jheinen

    Power Hammer or Mill?

    Not square to the spine. If you hold the knife with the blade pointing up and look where the spine meets the guard, the guard is tilted just a hair to the right.
  13. jheinen

    Power Hammer or Mill?

    What do you use a 3-jaw chuck for? I thought that was for lathes?
  14. jheinen

    Power Hammer or Mill?

    Craigslist - helping murder people since 1995! LOL. Seriously, I wish I had the space for a Bridgeport.