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    What did you do in your shop today?

    Yep, already checked. The school handbook prohibits knives with blades 3" or longer.
  2. jheinen

    What did you do in your shop today?

    My 16 year-old daughter forged her first blade today. She had to do a cultural immersion project for her Japanese class, so she made a kiridashi. We started off by making a hook so she could practice some hammer work, and then we got into forging the blade. We used 1" X 1/4" 1080. The blade is now in the tempering oven. I'm so proud of her. She did a great job for the first time ever swinging a hammer.
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    From the album: Jeff H's Work

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    From the album: Jeff H's Work

  5. jheinen

    Forging the blade

    From the album: Jeff H's Work

    My daughter Lauren forging her first knife
  6. jheinen

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Well, at the moment I'm sitting in the San Jose airport waiting to fly home to Seattle. Hoping it doesn't get cancelled, and hoping if I *do* make it that the Uber can get to my house.
  7. jheinen

    Possible anvil goldmine

    Billy Joe in Toledo, WA has literally a barn full of anvils, along with piles of post vises. I got my Hay-Budden from him.
  8. jheinen

    Donn Fogg Forge Plans

    That's even better!
  9. jheinen

    Donn Fogg Forge Plans

  10. jheinen

    Donn Fogg Forge Plans

    Does anyone know if Don's plans are available anywhere? It seems as if the impossible has actually happened, and something that was once on the internet is now completely gone. If his tutorial is well and truly gone, does anyone know of a good vertical forge tutorial?
  11. jheinen

    KITH 2019 sign up

    I'm in. Probably some kind of folder. 1. Conner Michaux 2. Bruno 3. Brian Dougherty 4. Alex Middleton 5. MichaelP 6. Will Drake 7. Zeb Camper  8. Joël Mercier 9. Jeremy Blohm 10. Geoff Keyes 11. Jason Volkert 12. Pieter-Paul Derks 13. Michael Ward 14. Robert Dowse 15. Alan Longmire 16. Chris Briggs 17. Nikolai Briggs? 18. Jeff Heinen
  12. jheinen

    Garage Door Torsion Spring

    This isn't really blade-related, but the torsion spring on my garage door broke, and I was wondering if anyone had ideas on what I could do with it beyond making flint strikers? I wouldn't use it for knives since it's probably full of microcracks, but it seems a waste to just throw it away.
  13. jheinen

    KITH 2019?

    Is that a thing? I mean, historically?
  14. jheinen

    KITH 2019?

    I also ordered the Culver book. I found a commercial liner lock I had lying around that I can take apart and use as a template.
  15. jheinen

    KITH 2019?

    Since the poll is leaning toward a folder, does someone have any pointers to a tutorial on making them? Something suitable for someone who has never made a folder before?
  16. jheinen

    First blades for the year

    Here's the first thing I've forged in 2019. It's also the first metal I've moved under my new power hammer. It's not the prettiest blade I've forged, and I'll need to practice to get the "feel" of this hammer, but it took about half the time it would normally take, and my arm and shoulder didn't get sore . I've only used air hammers like Anyangs previously, and this hammer definitely has a different feel to it. Also, it seems that the run-on issue I was having goes away after the hammer warms up.
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    From the album: Jeff H's Work

  18. jheinen

    KITH 2019?

    I think I'm in for the first time this year. I'd vote for Viking or a folder. A folder would be a challenge as I've never made one. But I'm up to try anything.
  19. jheinen

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Picked up some oxygen and acetylene for my new torch today. It was WAY more expensive than I thought it would be - just North of $500. At least from now on I can just exchange the bottles.
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    From the album: Jeff H's Work

    New bottles
  21. Update on the power hammer - I got it moved to its final resting place in the garage, and now I need to put it on some sort of pad. I'm planning to set it on a 3/4" plywood base and secure it with 3/4" concrete wedge anchors. Will a plywood base be OK for this hammer?
  22. jheinen

    Pad for 25# LG Power Hammer

    I got it set up on the 3/4" plywood and set three of the four anchors before my rotary hammer burned up. I may just skip the fourth anchor as it ain't going anywhere with three 3/4" wedge anchors holding it down. I'm still not happy with the run-on issue. At this point I think the next step would have to be pouring new main bearings. Today I ordered an oxy-acetylene rig. I needed one anyway, and this is just another reason. Does anyone know where I can pick up a pot for melting babbit with propane and a ladle?
  23. jheinen

    Little Giant 25 Help

    Yesterday I acquired a very nice Little Giant 25 lb. hammer. I tested it when I picked it up, and it seemed to run fine. Upon getting it home however, the hammer won't start unless I press the treadle down very sharply (can't make it start slowly). Once it's going, it won't stop until I shut the power off. Taking my foot off the treadle does nothing. Also , it seems to just run at one speed once it's going. The treadle doesn't seem to adjust anything. The other thing is that when I tested it on a 2X4, the hammer would always double-tap. Instead of going WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, it goes WHACK-WHACK, WHACK-WHACK, WHACK-WHACK. Anyone know how to adjust one of these? -Jeff
  24. jheinen

    Little Giant 25 Help

    It's improved, but I wouldn't say it's completely fixed. If I squirt a good bit of oil between the shaft and the spider while it's running it will still make about three or four revolutions before stopping, but it usually won't actually hit the anvil when it's doing that. So it's usable, but I wish it would stop immediately when I let off the treadle. I think I may have to pour new bearings, as there are currently no shims on mine. On the LG rebuild video Sid said there should be a fair bit of friction when the bearing caps are tightened appropriately. I suspect that there might not be enough friction on mine. The other option might be to install a brake on the flywheel.