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  1. Well that makes me happy. Turns out I have to go out of town the next couple of weekends, and since I'm only really able to work on stuff on the weekends, I was worried I wasn't going to be able to finish.
  2. A hot one in the forge today. I forged out the Journeyman presentation blade I'm working on.
  3. Blade length is 7", 12" overall. 5160 steel, linen micarta scales with red liners, and stainless pins. I don't make many full-tang knives, but I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out.
  4. Finished last night. I probably should have sanded the handle down to 600 grit rather than a buffed finish.
  5. Making some more progress on this one. Rough shaping of the handle is done.
  6. I glued the scales on this yesterday and started shaping the handle today. Someone on another forum suggested to do most of the shaping before gluing them, which is the way I normally do hidden tang knives. I hadn't thought to do this on a full-tang. What process do you all use?
  7. Origin Blade Maker also has one that works on most 2X72 grinders, and it's about half the cost of Travis'. https://originblademaker.com/product/belt-grinder-2x72-attachment/
  8. I was looking at those, but I'm concerned that you lose an inch of length off the dies. They also seem pretty expensive at around $700 for both flat and drawing dies.
  9. My process is typically 80g ceramic > 120g ceramic > 220g zirc > heat treat > 320g j-flex > 400g j-flex > trizact > scotchbrite.
  10. I want to get new dies for my 25# little giant that are more suitable to knife making. Currently I just have a set of drawings dies. I figured flat dies with radiused edges would be the most versatile, but then I saw these "knife makers" dies on the little giant website. Has anyone used them? I assume the beveled part is for forging bevels, but it seems like a pretty obtuse angle for that? Do you think these would be worthwhile, or should I stick with flat dies?
  11. Yep, already checked. The school handbook prohibits knives with blades 3" or longer.
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