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  1. I wiped off some of the oil this morning, and it's back to where it was. The hammer only engages with a sharp press of the treadle, and it won't disengage when I let off the treadle. I noticed that when I take my foot off the treadle and the hammer is going, the blocks come out to where they were before the hammer started going, but the hammer keeps going. So it looks like the blocks aren't sticking in the pulley. I don't know why it keeps hammering though. I also noticed there are some metal shims under the blocks. Should I add more shims?
  2. Mine is quite different from yours. There is no adjustment on mine at all.
  3. Hmm...the surface inside the clutch where the pads contact it is completely dry. I should put some oil in there? Any particular kind? I have some vactra #2 oil as well as some #2 grease I use on my mill. Would one of those work? Here's a picture with an arrow indicating what I think you are taking about.
  4. Well, it's giving me trouble already. After getting it unloaded I fired it up to see if everything was still working. I have to press the treadle sharply all the way to the floor a couple of times to get it to start hammering. Once it starts, it won't stop until I turn it off. Letting up on the treadle won't stop it. Seems like maybe the clutch is slipping?
  5. Yesterday I acquired a very nice Little Giant 25 lb. hammer. I tested it when I picked it up, and it seemed to run fine. Upon getting it home however, the hammer won't start unless I press the treadle down very sharply (can't make it start slowly). Once it's going, it won't stop until I shut the power off. Taking my foot off the treadle does nothing. Also , it seems to just run at one speed once it's going. The treadle doesn't seem to adjust anything. The other thing is that when I tested it on a 2X4, the hammer would always double-tap. Instead of going WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, it goes WHACK-
  6. Santa came early this year. Yesterday I picked up a Little Giant 25-lb. power hammer and a 24-ton press. Had to drive down to Oregon and pick them up. It was a bear getting them onto the trailer. Got them home last night and am now awaiting the forklift to show up so I can unload them.
  7. Thank you! I suppose I will see how it patinas over time. I did try some silver black on a test piece, and it instantly turned black. Not the brownish color it’s picking up just sitting in the air.
  8. Well, shoot! I was there all day Friday and Saturday. Too bad we missed each other.
  9. Latest WIP. Copper guard is fitted, and I milled the African Blackwood flat in preparation for fitting the handle. It's the first time I used copper, and that stuff is a pain to work with. Any suggestions on how to keep it shiny?
  10. Lol. I figured I needed to do something when I realized that the only open real estate on my workbench was about 25 square inches. It was getting cramped trying to actually do any work on it. Since I'm building a second bench, do you all have any suggestions on a good way to organize things? I was thinking using one bench specifically for all things abrasive-related: sanding, filing, etc. And everything else on the other bench. How do you folks arrange your workspaces?
  11. Started tearing apart my shop in an effort to get things cleaned up and better organized.
  12. I use a tool rest and a push stick, fresh belt, and grinder speed appropriate to the task (fast when I'm hogging, slowed down when getting closer to the final grind). Cool the blade between passes. Lots of patience too.
  13. What thickness of sheet are you using for the furniture? I assume it's brass? Also, what are you using for the rivets? Brass nails, or making them out of brass rod? What thickness?
  14. Made my first chips on the new mill. Tried squaring up a block of steel. the mill works great!
  15. Yes, I've got a set of those step-blocks that adjust to different heights. I suppose I could clamp the blade and tang with those, just ensuring that I don't bend them too far.
  16. I have a 2" face mill. How do you hold a blade for surface milling the ricasso? I can't see how to do it in a vise. Someone told me you can use a liquid metal fixture like bismuth, but that seems like it would be rather more work than it's worth.
  17. Speaking of which, beyond milling guard slots, shoulders, and fullers, or making the odd file guide or two, what do you folks use your mill for?
  18. It's a PM-25MV. I got it set up and it's surprisingly quiet. I'm glad I got this one vs. the Grizzly. I've also got a X-axis power feed that I need to install.
  19. So this showed up at the shop yesterday. Working on getting it set up. Perfect guard slots, here I come!
  20. Good first effort! I am by no means an expert, but some suggestions: As @Kreg said, the guard is too big. It extends too far down, and I think it's also too wide. From the picture, the handle seems to be round. This will cause the knife to turn in your hand. You want a more oval shape the fits the natural shape of your hand. The handle seems too thick. Think thin. When I was starting out, every time I thought I had my handles and guards the right size, an expert would tell me THINNER!. On a knife that size the guard should usually not be wider than about 1/2" or so, and ty
  21. Hmmm...methinks I need to try this hamon thing. That's a beautiful blade.
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