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  1. Great points. I used 2x2 singles for the uprights. The top has two 2x2's welded together between the uprights and that is all sandwhiched between 2 long 4 inch wide x 5/16 thick plates which is also welded all the way around. Under that, you see the top 'ram bar' with holes in it. the base is a big chunck of 1/2 inch thick C-channel and is welded all the way around with added gussets for strength. The jack sits on a scrap 1/2 inch plate that is also welded to the 2 uprights and the base C-channel. It seems stout so far. As for the amount of travel, my lower ram bar is sitting WAY below th
  2. Finally got mine mostly completed. I have dubbed it "Little Squishy" and it will squish. I've done a test 'cold' press, just squeezing the ram bars together to check for weld strength while ducked around the corner and so far it looks like it's holding well. I then squished a 158 grain cast lead bullet like hot butter and went to work on the die plates. I'm still monkeying with how I want the dies to work but it's nearing the end. The only issue I can see I'm going to have right now is perhaps some way to adjust the height so that I'm only moving the press as little as possible (perhaps a larg
  3. Yeah, their 'electric' version of the press (basically what we're discussing in this thread) runs near 4000$ As for the manual vs motor driven, I think it's safe to say it's not as much a matter of speed as it is the difficulty of having to hold the material while working the pump manually. The motor driven is still fairly slow by hydraulic press standards but the idea behind these mini presses is their usefulness in helping you move steel, especially if you are working by yourself.
  4. Any of you guys seen this commercial version? The 'Bonnie Doon?' https://www.riogrande.com/Product/Bonny-Doon-Classic-20-Ton-Manual-Press/110501 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFwItdLi3Hw
  5. Just bought all my 2x2 1/4 wall tubing for this project along with some 4 inch wide 3/8 thick flat bar for reinforcing areas and for making die plates. Updates to come.... and likely questions.
  6. Anyone know if 1.5 inch by 3/16th thick tubing would be sufficient for the 20 ton press? Provided the welding is sound, that is....
  7. Hey guys, I know this thread is old but I'm starting this project in a week or so, pretty much following Ken's design to the letter. I saw someone mention a Millermatic 210 mig welder used to weld the frame together. is that sufficient to weld 1/4 inch 2x2 tubing? I have a Lincoln mig welder, it's worked great for welding up a belt sander frame but I'm worried about the strength required for a press.
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