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  1. Well, this time I'm serious... This is where I am at - as of this morning. I will machine a slit in the middle of the disc - into which the steel plate will be lowered and glued in place using epoxy. Those two wooden pieces will be fastened with bronze pins and glued on opposite sides at the top. The knife will be fixed inbetween them in an upright position. Iam considering cold-blueing the steel too. I want all of this to be dark - as not to steal any attention from the actual dagger.
  2. Thought I'd give a little update before I hit the sack... Been working on the locking mechanism for the book, and currently finished the back-side of it - the hinge: I will be fastening it with two nails. I think it will hold just fine - shouldn't be that much tension on it. I have to wait with the rest of the locking mechanism as I will have to finish binding the book. Only then will I be able to cut the length of the hook. And the hook also needs to be sanded flush with the locking mechanism for side A of the book, so I can't really engrave it until this is done. I'll start working on a "holder" for the dagger tomorrow. I want it to stand upright in a presentation holder - so I need to design and make it. It will be simple, nothing fancy... Don't have time for fancy I'm afraid...
  3. Hmm, yeah - I suppose. I could make pattern welded springs and have the contact-point padded with leather or something. I think however - I might go with good old classic leather straps of some sort... time is running out, and I still have too much to do on this project. Super-thanks for the tip though, not a bad idea! (simply don't have the time).
  4. Been working on the hinge for the locking mechanism of the book recently: It is starting to take shape, slowly. I am worried the lock in its "square" form might be a bit too big on the book. It has to be properly attached though, so I need space for at least 4 pins going through. Simply sewing these two parts on will not do - as they will be under constant tension. Also - I've been playing with the layout of the knife in it's display box: I've landed on the layout above. I am however - uncertain as to how I will attach the knife, sheath and book inside this display case. I thought about magnet behind a padded board - but the steel will become magnetized - and I definitively don't want that. I could buy some foam, cut recesses in it to fit all the parts - but then I'd be hiding the engravings on the sides of the handle and the sheath. I could attatch them using leather straps, or perhaps something elastic directly on a padded flat surface though... In regards to elastic bands - those would loose their elasticity over time - so I don't neccesarily want to do that. Leather straps would have to be very slim - as not to cover the engravings.... I suppose I'll let the ideas cook a bit in the back of my mind while I concentrate on the locking mechanism for the book...
  5. Hi all, I've been working on my "corners", and I am currently on my last one. During the process I decided to take some progression images to show each process step. Have a look. Alright, that's all for now. Chiao!
  6. ... or made an example of, to the warning of others - and the detriment of myself...
  7. Alright, managed to finished front side of the book, so now I'm about half way.. Not counting the locking mechanism. This cardboard paper cutout represents the dimensions of the book covers. Now I start working on the fittings for the other side of the book. Oh, and I managed to reduce the production time pr. corner down from 13 to 9 hours. I suppose I've found the technique...
  8. Hi everyone, hope everyone has had a good start of the week - monday and all! I've been working a bit on the metal parts for my little book, and I thought I'd give a glimpse into the process and a preview of the early results: So, from the above picture I start off with having forged out a piece of railroad steel, the machine it flat on both sides, then scribe the outlines of the shapes and machine them using a small bit. These are later cut out and filed to their final shape using needle files. I've then scribed all engraving outlines, and I do inlay channels and inlay first, then cut out the background, and drill holes for the thread. (these will be sewn onto the book covers. Here's a closeup of the top right corner of the book. I just finished the bottom right corner about an hour ago, and will spend the rest of the week completing the other 6 pcs. I'll give a little update when it's all done. Each piece at this stage takes about 12 hours. The "corner" in the image above is in railroad steel, inlaid with 24kt gold and set with one 0,03ct natural white diamond. And that's all for now folk, have a good one!
  9. Love it! How does it feel to cut the marble btw?
  10. Managed to finish the Book -plaque for the book today: Forged meteorite iron inlaid with gold and copper. Here's a video as well: Now I need to start working on the edges of the book, 8 pcs. Have a great Saturday everyone!
  11. Happy Friday everyone! Finally weekend again... How time flies. I've continued working a bit on my book design and thought it might be of interest to have a little look. So the book will be approx. 50'ish pages... (won't know until I stop writing) Leather bound in bog oak, with metal fittings and inlay... Anyhow - here's some of the design that will go on each page of the book: The book will be divided into 9 chapters - each describing a step in the process of the creation of this dagger. Each chapter is started with a poem. Below are three of the nine poems - for your consideration. Anyhow, wish you all a wonderful weekend!
  12. The waves are sculpted out of the steel, on four different depths.
  13. I had a few hours "in the bank" as we say, so I decided to use some of them. I'm lucky that way I suppose. When I see how other people do stuff, I draw inspiration from it. I hope this thread will do the same. If I could get an emperor-commission - that'd be something! haha! Reminds me of Michellangelo Buonarroti who would take upon him some absolutely insane commissions spanding years and decades... Imagine devoting most of ones life to the engrandizement of another person through art... Pope Julius the 2nd's tomb comes to mind: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomb_of_Pope_Julius_II I suppose if one can do what one loves, and at the same time carve your own name and legacy into that very same marble dedicated to whoever commissioned the work, while making a healthy profit at the same time; all is well that ends well. If I keep this up for the next 30 years - perhaps I'll at the very end have something worthy of recognition. Meanwhile - I hope to learn from my mistakes - and be satisfied if anyone at all wants to invest in my work.
  14. Love the sheath! I thought it was carved bog oak at first, then I read again that it is leather. Matches the handle perfectly.
  15. Hey all, decided to leave work early today in order to continue work on this project. (got a sudden burst of inspiration). Been working a bit on the book design. I just received a full set of bookbinding equipment from the US - so now I just need to buy some gilding equipment - then I'm all set! Decided to start working on design for the book front and back, as well as the metal fittings that will go on it. Beneath are some in-progress pics: The book will be quite small, but that's how I prefer it. I don't want a huge tome for a small knife... Also did a test-fit with the dagger in sheath. The monogram is just laid loosely on top of the sheath. It will be inlaid, so it will not protrude quite that much. It will be felled about 1mm into the bog oak. Alright, that's it for now. Have a wonderful week everyone!
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