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  1. Added another 500... so, it is sitting at 5000 USD now. I dunno about the pricing though. Maybe it's a bit too much in general.. I always have problems pricing my stuff.
  2. Thank you very much Gerhard! It certainly is for my own part. And in a few months, there will be another. Haha! Right on, dude! I did make a few mistakes, but hopefully I've learned from it. I expect the next one to be at least slightly better. Didn't hear back from the guy.. Probably he was just fishing. I will add the booklet to the online advert though, and we'll see. Colleges at work advice me to try Instagram.
  3. At this moment, I'm asking 4500 USD for the knife. The certificate will simply have to serve as a "discount" as I am not raising that price. I fear however - that the Norwegian market is not big enough for something like this. Most people buy their knives at the equivalent of WallMart at a price of 7,50 USD. ...which is understandable, naturally, as I could never afford anything like this myself personally either..
  4. Alright, so I got a question from a potential customer as to whether or not the knife comes with a certificate of authenticity... given the absolutely horrendous price-tag. -So, I decided to make one. It has been a learning experience, no doubt about that. And after 42 hours of work, here is the result. Draumr Gripnir - Certificate of Authenticity: Specs: Leather: 2mm vegetable tan, dyed and painted with acrylic paint. Paper type: Original Crown Mill 100% pure cotton, 100gsm, Ivory color. Page size: A6 Pages: 48 Metal details:
  5. Alright, with the help of my wife (light-holder ); I've managed to snap a few more pics: Alright, that's about it... And on that note - good night everyone. Need to get an early start tomorrow. Have a good one everyone! Chiao!
  6. Haha, thank you! I don't know about that though... There are still more imperfections than I can count... But I will get it right next time! I think...
  7. Alright folks, sheath is done! This was a complex one, and I must say that this is to date my "Magnum Opus" as they say... I decided to go all out on the sheath, cutting out a copper frame from a solid 2mm sheet. Engraving deep grooves for the thread, and filing all edges. I've polished the edges to a mirror shine, with the flat surfaces more matte - as to create contrast. Leather is dyed white in order to match the handle as much as possible. The plaque in the middle of the sheath reads "Draumr Gripnir" - the Dream Grip. There is another plaque o
  8. Thank you Chris, that is very flattering to hear.
  9. Hi everyone, Though't I'd throw this one out there... Finished it during my "summer vacation" - effectively canceled thanks to Mr. Covid-19.... Long story short though. I've got a colleague of sorts who has helped me quite a bit throughout my career, and as he is leaving due to retirement, I thought he'd need something for his future free time in the wild. I give you "The Knuckle" - which incidentally is his nickname through many years in the industry. Blade is in a san-mai lamination with tool-steel for the core, and the folded steel is a mixtur
  10. These bolts look really interesting, however.. I am having difficulty beliving that these will actually hold over time. Won't the material (cast iron) simply get destroyed inbetween the threads of these bolts - and simply disintegrate?
  11. No idea, didn't fire it off... too expensive...
  12. Alright, so I got tired of working with leather, and got tired of forging my new blade... so.. arrow-head! Figured I might need to forge some of these in the future if the apocalypse proves to be imminent... Just for fun. Chiao!
  13. Good input and advice Aiden, I'll give it a try!
  14. Alright, so I've forged for an hour and a half on this piece of WASP Alloy - and I noticed this on the brace of my hammer: Seems it has been scraping a bit of paint from the top of the brace. Note though, that the paint is rather thick, and obviously soft in comparison with the cast iron and steel. Perhaps I should have ground off the paint before placing the brace - so that it would be in direct contact with the cast iron body, not having a "spacer" of thick paint in between?
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