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  1. Alveprins

    A new Hunter...

    Alright, so the sheath is finished as well. I suppose I'll upload the last few pics. :) And now I start on a new one. :)
  2. Alveprins

    A new Hunter...

    Thanks! About the bevels... This is the 2nd or so knife I've made in my life, that has not been ground all the way up to the back of the knife.
  3. Alveprins

    A new Hunter...

    Just finished another hunter... San-mai lamination, forge folded and twisted railroad steel for the body, and Øberg-steel for the core. Handle in burl Maple, with spacers in vulcanized fiber, brass and thick piece of copper. Working on the sheath, but RL job is taking up all my time. And yes... my logo is kind of big, still.. nothing has changed there. I am however - planning on perhaps having a new stencil made, without the square frame... Time will show... As usual, all feedback and critique is more than welcome. Sincerely, Alveprins.
  4. Alveprins

    Custom Leather Collar "The Pearl Heart"

    That's a lovely necklace man. :) I made a similar key-ring for my little Lady... Some scrapmascus (same billet as a knife I made for her). She really loved it. :) I find it interesting to sometimes make some little things that are not necessarily sharp... It is a nice change every once in a while.
  5. Alright, so Winter Solstice is coming up, and I needed to make a little something for a certain special little Lady - the same one that received the "Heart Piercer" last year - found HERE. So, - I present to you... a little something - the Pearl Heart - a custom leather collar. Made from 2mm thick vegetable tanned leather - stained (obviously) with red leather stain, as well as antique black leather stain. Details are painted with a fine brush - also in black leather stain. The heart itself is carved from Mother of Pearl using needle files and very fine gritted paper- and sewn in place using Tiger Thread. It closes in the back with a little pin. The Diameter of the collar is 10 cm, and the heart is 2,7 x 2,4 cm. If only my hands were a bit steadier, those lines would've been quite a bit more even... Though I suppose it gives it more of a hand-made look... Anyhow, I know it's not knife or blade related - but I thought it might be of interest anyway. :) Sincerely, Alveprins.
  6. Alveprins

    Another "Moose Hunter" - twin blade

    Thanks man! The owner of this particular one asked me to make it a bit more "girly" than the first one - so I did my very best... Cool. Personally I preferred the red'ish handle of the other Moose Hunter. I'm not too fond of this particular shade of brown actually, but the new owner likes it, so all is well.
  7. Alveprins

    Silver and bog oak seax

    I love the little carving on the end of the handle. :)
  8. Here is another "Moose Hunter" - forged from the same billet as my previous one found HERE. These two knives are for a moose hunting couple who are about to get married. So, these are their wedding-knives. :) As always - any and all comments and criticisms are more than welcome. :) Sincerely, Alveprins.
  9. Alveprins

    "The Moose Hunter" - Multibar Hunter

    Here's the sheath pictures: The sheath is sewn with saddlers' stitching using tiger thread. The material itself is vegetable tanned leather, stained with black leather stain, with impressions painted green to match the green of the handle.
  10. Alveprins

    "The Moose Hunter" - Multibar Hunter

    thank you. It is on request from the customer. It says: "May I hold your hand, hold it for just a little while..." His wife's knife is still in the works, and the inscription of that one will read something slightly similar to that. Thanks man, I do my best. Actually, I will sew the sheath this afternoon. Final pictures will be up by this evening - Norwegian time.
  11. Alveprins

    "The Moose Hunter" - Multibar Hunter

    Thank you good Sir! Yes - I know several ppl. feel that way about the logo, haha! Perhaps you are all correct. I however like it, and find the size to be just about right. And I've yet to hear anything from my customers. I suppose though, that perhaps it might be better if it was a tad smaller. Or like you say, without the square. I'm far too lazy to order new stencils though. I suppose I've found my style, sort of.. yeah. I find that when I free-hand I always seem to gravitate towards "something like this"... Actually, I wanted to make more details, but... I had to remind myself not to put more work into the knife than I get paid for. I always tend to do that, because it could always be just a tad better.. just one more little detail.. just... just something. At some point one simply needs to tell oneself - stop. That is enough.
  12. Hi guys... Been a while since my last post, so I thought I'd seize the oportunity now that I've finally gotten something new in the works. Finished the knife today, and will start working on the sheath tomorrow. I call it "The Moose Hunter". Made to order for a.. you guessed it - Moose Hunter. ;) Blade in railroad steel and tool steel / ferrier rasps for the edge. Handle in Maple burl, Holly, Mammoth ivory, Moose antler, brass and vulcanized fiber. Any and all criticism is.. as always - very much welcome. :) Sincerely, Alveprins.
  13. Alveprins

    San-Mai pattern welded Chef's Knife

    Thanks man. It is always exciting when choosing materials - first imagening in ones head that they will fit - only to have it confirmed after the fact. I've started using only this shape - as I feel it helps with manouvering the blade when cutting in the kitchen.
  14. Alright folks! Finished this little thing before the vacation, but never got around to taking photos of it... So here they are! So, first of all - the stats: Blade length: 16 cm Blade width: 3,4 cm Blade thickness: 3mm Handle length: 11,8 cm Total weight: 110 grams Blade is made in a san-mai lamination with railroad steel for the body and spring steel for the edge. Handle is made in a laminate of stabilized Maple, Teak, buffalo horn, brass and vulcanized fiber. Alright, that's it! Chiao people, and have a nice week. Sincerely, Alveprins.
  15. Alveprins

    Veðrfölnir, the "Storm Pale"

    Yeah, it is a bit tricky with twists like this... :)