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  1. Here's a pic. Since I have a tendency to start working on the blade, and then design the handle later - I had to make a fixture for the handle itself - since I didn't want to clamp down and put force on gold inlays and diamonds... So that is what you see sticking out of the vise. Correct, stabilized Maple burl.
  2. I love how this is shaping out... Looks promising!
  3. I don't know how interesting this is, but.. been working on a birthday present for the lady of the house this weekend.. I used a piece of 15n20 nickel steel and engraved a simple design in relief, with 24k gold inlay in the heart as well as four 0,03ct white diamonds around. Currently I'm working on the bail, which will be in 925 sterling silver. cut shape, drilled holes and bent it this morning before work. I have a silver chain left-over from the work I did last year, so I will use that for the necklace. 14 hours into it at this point. Have a nice week everyone!
  4. It is just a simple knifemaker's vise. I'll see if I can snap a pic of it one of these days.
  5. Finally I've managed to get the two spacers finished. I've now started setting stones in the guard. I finished the rear side yesterday (after taking the pic above), and will continue setting the last two rubies on the front side today. In total there are now 8 0,03ct natural white diamonds as well as 8 natural red rubies in the blade and fittings. After setting the two last stones today, I will proceed to designing and engraving border patterns that are to go on the long-sides of the handle. There's still allot of steel to be engraved... And then I need to come up with some sort of design for the tang and pommel... I am considering putting a little piece of steel between the handle and the pommel nut - which I am considering just peening down... I'll cross that bridge when I get there. (note to self: finish complete designs before starting work... ) Have a wonderful week everyone!
  6. Hi guys, thought I'd share another little in-progress preview. Finally managed to complete the rear side of the guard, although I am waiting for final assembly before setting the stones... After those are set - there will be no oportunity to sand the surface again if I were to f up..: There's still allot of steel to engraved. Managed to start cutting the outlines for the borders that will go on that steel spacer marked "top". I now need to design the actual engravings that are to go inside those borders....
  7. Thank you very much Sir. I'm currently working on the surface-finish of the handle - before starting digging into the steel parts. Also need to create a pommel-nut of some sort... Here's a little sneek-peek from yesterday as I clocked out for the evening. Have a nice almost-friday-again folks!
  8. that is very true! I accept commissions only if I get complete artistic freemdom around a theme.
  9. Start in one end. This is not a commission. I prefer not to do them as prospective customers rarely have interesting ideas. As such, I make what I want - and then put it for sale.
  10. Thanks! No - the background is blued in order to produce the darkening of the steel. I am still working on this process... trying something that works better. I might try with some sort of pigment. I simply thought blueing would be a bit more permanent.
  11. I unwrapped the blade from it's tape the other day, and had an oportunity to test-fit the engraved guard on it: Photo quality is a bit poor, but it shows how the overall theme seems to fit quite well. My miling machine broke the other day, but I have replacement parts arriving by post tomorrow - so hopefully there will be some more progress during the upcoming week. Stones are not set in the flowers on the guard as I have yet to finish engraving on the other side. Chiao!
  12. Well, here's the guard.. Not quite finished yet, but almost.. at 73 hours on this guard, I suppose 75% finished: The guard is forged out of a piece of railroad plate (the one between the railroad and the wood), engraved and inlaid with 24k gold, and some copper. Two diamonds, or rubies will be placed on the holes in the middle of the flowers, but I've yet to decide what will look best. I am starting work on the other side (handle side) today I think.
  13. Alright, finally finished the blade in it's entirety after 117,5 hours of work. I love how the two diamonds came out. Until next time, Chiao! :)
  14. Hi guys, I haven't really lifted much of a finger on this project for several months, but I finally found the motivation to continue yesterday. Anyhow, I finished shading the engravings and did a inlay of a small 0,03ct diamond down in the corner of the ricasso of the blade. My shading and cross hatching needs some serious work though, but this will have to do for this project. I will have to watch through Sam Alfano's advanced shading master class video a couple of times over. This is only one side of the blade though, and I will do an identical mirrored engraving on the other side. The material engraved is 15n20. The core steel is... 15n20 and tool steel of some sort - cant remember off the top of my head... That's it for now... Chiao all! Alveprins
  15. So, it is said that in order to make progress one must get out of one's comfort zone... so - I started a little project. About 75 hours into it atm. Still lots to do. Still need to complete background removal, then do the shading of the scrolls and leaves... And the do it all again on the other side... And then there is the guard, handle, sheath... yeah.... ... The road is long and perilous. Already made a few mistakes. Alright, that's it for now.. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I know where I will be... bent over my microscope cutting steel... Sincerely, Alveprins.
  16. Cool looking filework on the guard and pommel!
  17. Alright, so every once in a while I get requests for what we directly translated from Norwegian to English refer to as a "usage-knife". In other words - a daily beater, something that isn't too fancy to be used in daily life. And I've had to turn people down, because getting stuck making these simple knives - I'd never make any progress... So - I came up with the idea of making a "standard model" - with the only variance being handle material. I called it "Talguknifr" - which is the Old Norse form of the modern Norwegian word "tollekniv" - which derives from Old Norse "talgu" which kind of means just "general knife work" like cutting this and that... And as such, an idea was born, a concept developed, and a proof of concept made. Anyhow - here' the pics: EDIT: And here's the handles of knives no. 006, 007, and 008: This is the simplest design I could think of. The idea was a knife that was damn near indestructible, hence the 5mm thick full-tang blade with handle epoxied and fastened with six bronze pins. Handle material is of course also stabilized as not to absorb any moisture or get warped due to humidity. the beveled edges of the wood scales creates a comfortable grip, and the finger-grove towards the front of the handle gives great support. The rough unpolished surface gives it a rough'n tought look, while having an aggressive pattern welded core steel out of farriers rasps and 15n20, clad in 15n20. I even created a stamp for my maker's mark... This is my attempt at practical but elegant design at an affordable price... "affordable" ofc. being highly relative... Too bad the project is currently on hold though, pending peace in Ukraine. (Ukranian brother-in-law partner on this project...) Sincerely, Alveprins.
  18. I am quite sure 5000 hours would do it, and with a good margin too! They say (and by "they" I mean of course - the all knowing internet...) - 1000 hours of doing anything will put you among the top 1% of those who do that particular thing. Practice drawing filigree for example, 2-3 hours a day, 7 days a week for an entire year - you're gonna be pretty damn good at it. The challenge lies in finding time for all of these things.
  19. Ok, so sheath is finally done - pictures below. Inserted two diamonds in the nameplate along with 24k gold inlay. The brass frame is adorned with 4 rubies and 10 blue sapphires. belt loop has makers mark in 24k gold inlay. Both nameplate an makers mark plate are forged for a railroad spike in order to keep with the theme in regards to material choice. And now - I have to consult the client on whether or not the budget allows for a equally elaborate certificate of authenticity. EDIT: For those who might be interested to know, total amount of work hours on this piece was 553,77 hours... Sincerely, Alveprins.
  20. very nice and clean, and love walrus!
  21. Thank you Sir for those kind words. I had forgotten about breaking my back, and remembered now that you mentioned it - haha! I might need a new power hammer though... we'll see... Sincerely, Alveprins.
  22. Sir, you just found me another source of inspiration! I am going to try myself on overlay soon, perhaps the next project. We'll see. I may want to start incorporating some serious scroll-work and sculpting, with gold backgrounding... I will have to see what fits the next project. Yeah, the learning curve has been steep, but much of it is thanks to losing my day job... Like I've told several people already: "... I think getting laid off from my company was the best thing to ever happen to me! …"
  23. Hi, I've been forging since 2016. Process photos will have to come later. Too busy working atm. Sincerely, Alveprins.
  24. Alright, finally managed to get the handle together and finalized the damn thing with a pommel nut today. My 2nd pommel nut ever, and first in pattern welded steel w. gold inlay. So, the handle wood is stabilized maple, with 925 silver and vulcanized fiber spacers. The bolster, pommel and mid-section are forged from railroad steel, engraved in a deep relief with 24k. gold inlay and set with two 0.03ct diamonds, four rubies and four sapphires. The runes of bolster and pommel reads: Hrothlitnir synir Sons of the Famous Wolf Skol ok Hati Skol and Hati. Mid-section reads: Surname of client.. and name of the blade - Ljos Sloknir, or in English - "Extinguisher of Light". A fitting name, as these two wolves - sons of the famous wolf, who you maybe already know - Fenris; will devour the sun and moon at Ragnarok. And.. I suppose.. here's the pics: Alright, that's it folks... And now I start on the sheath.. need to forge a new damasc billet for that one... Chiao! Alveprins.
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