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  1. You provide excellent service Sir! 5mm thickness is good for use as a frame in the handle too....
  2. Thanks man! I will check that steel out! I will still use sawblade steel, but in the pattern welded steel only, and not for the details. This dagger was supposed to be absolutely full of engravings, but alas - nothing. I am just happy it sold anyway. Just got swooped up by a collector.
  3. Hi everyone - thought I'd share the latest one... I give you Sǫg Tǫnn (Saw Tooth) - forged in honor of the innumerable abandoned wood mills scattered around the country, left to rot as their purpose has been served long ago. How many a farm has been made possible due to the many-toothed high carbon blades - spinning tirelessly day and night, through summer and winter? How many noble trees has met their end at the sawblade's edge in order to fulfill an even higher purpose of keeping man and livestock dry and warm? Hail to you, old saw-mills covered in moss, wi
  4. Hi Jerrod, thanks for the feedback! Well, I used my "Tsubosan" HRC measuring files to test the hardness on both the steel spacer, as well as the entirety of the frame going around the handle. Only the 55HRC file managed to bite - very slightly, while the 60HRC effectively bit. I tested with the 55 file several spots on both sides - and result was the same. This spacer and frame is a simple cut-out from a large round sawblade from an old wood-mill. So I don't think it is simply a layer of carbide. I softened the steel by heating it to above critical, and let
  5. Hi guys, I was going to put the finishing touches on my latest dagger yesterday, but had to give up as the steel frame and spacer had apparently work-hardened from being dead soft, to between 55 and 60 HRC after being worked on by angle grinder and belt grinder. Is this even possible? I glued the handle parts together, and then started removing surplus steel from all angles as I honed in on the final handle shape. When I started engraving the graver point kept breaking again and again, after not even 1mm if cutting. I then noticed how my scribe
  6. Alright, so I wanted to make a special "Certificate of Authenticity" for this blade - but it turned out a disaster... I decided to make an attempt at illuminating some calfskin parchment with gold and silver pen, as well as caligraphy pointed permanent markers. I made the design on my tablet, printed it - taped the parchment to the paper and traced the lines. However - my markers - struggled to transfer any pigment down to the parchment, and only the very first lines from a fresh marker would be nice and clean... after that I had to use the marker multiple times over the
  7. Thank you Brian! Actually, I will be starting work on another one - slightly different quite soon... I have some ideas brewing - and steel already prepared.
  8. that "groove" towards the blade makes all the difference. The way I see it, you want the light reflecting off as many facets / details as possible.
  9. Thanks everyone! I suppose I have Mr. Longmire although the frame for the dagger handle was heavily inspired by the numerous coffin handled bowies I've seen on the forum.. ... With some slight variations of my own of course.
  10. Hi everyone... Previously I posted a little sneak peek at something I was working on.. Well, now that little something has come to completion - and I'm ready to share it with those who might be interested at having a look. I've always wanted to give it a shot at a dagger - since this blade geometry has fascinated me ever since I was a kid... And without further ado, after 170 work hours - I give you Vegvisar - the Pathfinder! I have forged this dagger in honor of the four dwarves, Norðri, Suðri, Austri and Vestri - supporting the heavenly dome
  11. Hi guys, I've been working on this little side-project for the past week - and thought I'd give a little sneak-peek. I've decided to go with a new makers mark for myself. This one is the first one of it's kind - and is in a deep relief with copper inlay. In the future all my makers marks will be 24k gold inlay. (still in the mail unfortunately...) Thought I'd give a shot at a dagger - and finished the blade in it's entirety today. about 40 hours work on the blade. (not including pattern welding. Had a bar lying around...) Have
  12. Haha! Yeah, my mother sends my wife clips of dudes doing poledancing tricks on Instagram.. I asked her "Do you have ANY idea the amount of pressure you're putting on ME?!" Haha! Man, I need to cut down on the carbs... Anyhow, I'm sure you'd be able to whip up something great! (problem though, is not getting paid... )
  13. Yeah yeah, give me until tomorrow at least - need to sharpen a knife and sleep! Haha! I'll get right on it in the morning.
  14. Alright, so December 2019 I forged a fork for my wife (link HERE) and in 2020 I was suppose to get her a matching knife.. Now, time ran away from me - and I weren't able to finish it until now- but now I have! The steel is 15n20 and.. something - I don't remember... I decided to practice some more inlay, doing some 0,5mm and 1,0mm wire inlay into the "bolster" and heart. Made some use of my new Lindsay Bench Jewel Rotary Tool along with my newly acquired super small FG 1/4 dentist burs. (undercutting 0,5mm grooves i
  15. So, I had an engraving thread here a while back (link HERE) and since then I've made some progress. I just finished Sam Alfano's "Deep Relief Sculpting" instructional video: And here is my result! Of course I could not help but improvise a bit as I am a slave to details... As a first try - I am quite happy with the outcome. Next time I want to combine it with inlay as well. I can't wait to use this technique for my next blade project... I can imagine using this technique on the blade, as well as metal details for handle and / or sheath.
  16. Haha! Nah, this is Norway - not the US. Anyhow, seems I can get the real deal - and won't have to experiment.
  17. I get you Brian, but my mind is dead set on this. I need to have this equipment close and ready, and I will have to learn how to use it as it seems I am taking this bladesmithing business from hobby to full-time.
  18. UPDATE: Alright, so seems I am able to get the salts. I called up Brownell's Norway ,who directed me to a gunsmith, who again directed me to another gunsmith who imports the stuff. He has about 700kg (1500 pounds) in stock, so I will be droping by him real soon. I will buy the tank itself from Brownell's, however the burners are way too expensive at 500USD for a complete burner. I suppose I will have to make one myself. Next thing is to get a long metal pipe, and some sort of regulator / air intake thingy....
  19. I believe I might have a solution... I can get my hands on Lye ( NaOH) Sodium Hydroxide in the form of good old "Caustic Soda" which is is sold for cleaning. As for the Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) or Sodium Nitrate (NaNO3) - I can get some Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer containing more than or equal to 90% Nitric Acid (HNO3) - while the rest of the fertilizer ingredients are Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN for short) (5Ca(NO3)2•NH4NO3•10H2O) If I could possibly use 5 pounds of Lye (NaOH) and 2,5 pounds of Fertilizer (90% Nitric Acid HNO3 + 10% CAN) dissolved in 1 gallon of
  20. Thanks man! Actually, I don't really have time to collect my own p*ss for months, so I will have to try to get potassium nitrate somehow if it can function as a replacement for sodium nitrate. I see the farmacy here in Norway sells it, but at the quantity I need (2,5 pounds) I'll need to fork up 500 USD.
  21. I tried accessing the "Brownells Nitre Blue Blueing Salts product page - and was immediately re-directed to a page with European dealers - which of course don't have it. I had to connect using a VPN masking my IP as being from New York in order to view it. I am going to make a phonecall though - to the Norwegian dealer of Brownell's products tomorrow. I see they sell blueing tanks and thermometers and such - just no chemicals - which seems a bit useless. I'll let you guys know how it goes - if it is of any interest. Everything is so difficult here in Norway. No ac
  22. Seems I found a recipe on this very Forum: Problem is - I can only get the Sodium Hydroxide for this mixture, I cannot get the Sodium Nitrate.. absolutely unavailable in my country, and by the looks of it - Europe. All plant fertilizer is "non toxic" etc. containing not the faintest trace of Sodium Nitrate.
  23. Hi guys, I've seen some really black knife fittings lately, and I am curious as to the process of getting them that way. From what I could see in the YouTube video, the bladesmith lowers the parts into a thick boiling "goo" and leaves it for an unknown amount of time. When the fittings come back out, they're pretty much jet-black! Link: He talks about "bluing salts" at some point, perhaps in another video.. I don't remember. Anyone able to explain the ingredients of this "goop"? Sincerely, Alveprins.
  24. I'm serious though. I saw this picture in the newspaper the other day, after the storming of the senate by some... not sure what to call'em? Anyhow, the first thing I noticed was the drawer in Nancy Pelosi's office (bottom left corner): I thought, damn... that is a nice drawer! I like the swooping curve, and the top seems to be some kind of burl? I don't know much about furniture, but I do know quality when I see it. Your stuff brought my thoughts straight back to this kind of environment.
  25. Thank all of you for your kind words. Honestly I'd gone a bit different way if it was entirely up to me, but the customer had a budget (which I blew, as usual) and requests which I had to follow.. so.. I had a look at your work Chris, and I must say I am quite impressed! That is some top notch furniture! Would fit right in at the White House. Anyhow - I made a short video of the knife to showcase what it looks like under natural lighting conditions:
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