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  1. This is a picture of my first framelock. The scales are .07 15n20, and a new version will have .120 ti scales. Other than using a small wheel to bevel or round off the corners of the scale to make it more ergonomic, can anyone recommend a cutter or file to create a consistent radius on the corners, inside and outside radius curves included? The design came off of Instructables and I made some adjustments so it would work.
  2. Wow, that's a sexy blade. I love the form. What's the overall length?
  3. Hi John, Nice set and congrats on earning your JS! Are the handles stabilized, and if so, by whom? Thanks Jonathan
  4. Do you have more pictures? This looks like half a vise.
  5. Well done! It must be very gratifying to have created this beauty. Great job on the scabbard as well.
  6. Thanks for that video. I just canned the specific dies for my hammer and went with a 4"x4" flat set, and will be using top tooling as you have demonstrated so well.
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