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  1. engraved knives

    this album will consist only engraved knives
  2. Damascus handmade Butterfly knife It,s handmade item , Handle made of rose wood. Overall a length = 10 inch long Blade = 6 inch Handle = 4 inch Width = 1.8 inch Hardness = 56 to 58 Thickness= 4.5 mm Approximately Pattern= Butterfly mosaic pattern blade 1080 , 15N20 it will came with leather sheath
  3. Damascus handmade mosaic pattern

    Damascus handmade mosaic butterfly pattern total length , 10 inch handle length 4 inch blade 6 inch for more details p m me
  4. High carbon steel Bowie

    High carbon steel bowie with leather sheath cover , 1095 ,blade with 8 inch , the total length knife 12 inch long , 5 inch handle 54 to 58 HRC, with stag horn, brass guard, and end
  5. It,s Damascus handmade chef Over all length from 12 inch to 7.50 inch in small size. the blade in 1095 , and 15N20 , handle meraterial bone with damacus boltst wvith spacer , with leather cover, cow for more detail you can question me
  6. making new 440 c engraved knife

    the knives are completed today and the next step is for engraving
  7. making new 440 c engraved knife

    one of three knives i started is completed 1 ,
  8. making new 440 c engraved knife

    i am very near to complete the process of join knife , i did now the balance the handle and knife. polish process will be after the joint of knife
  9. making new 440 c engraved knife

    these are also photo of grinding
  10. making new 440 c engraved knife

    the grinding machines
  11. making new 440 c engraved knife

    after the shaping process the handle gets it,s shape now
  12. making new 440 c engraved knife

    the drawing of 1 knife. the handle separated both side and make lining on both side according to it,s drawing , then cutting in between both side get the result of which required.
  13. making new 440 c engraved knife

    after cutting , according to handle. then join it,s with pins temporary join not permanents
  14. making new 440 c engraved knife

    yes my friend i will edge harding but after the engraving, grinding method is manual , on grinder. thank all me friends , still lot of work remail