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  1. thankyou very much !Do not worry joshua i have the same problem with English
  2. it is quite a while, that does not to write, and I take this opportunity to introduce my latest work: Damascus steel blade 100 layers 70cm length, weight 1kg, in leather covered wooden handle, pomelloin iron with copper inserts with a lion's face most serene republic of venezia.I hope you like it!
  3. joshua and brian:bingo ,antonio pollaiolo painting a time frame in 1480,and the archangel to have the weapons of use in 1480 the duel is in civil dressed,for war,it's a example to a picture of tintoretto title man in armour date 1555-6
  4. thats another pictures , reevocation of battle of monteriggioni in 1526 vs florence:
  5. thats is another example practical of duel made in verona antique fencing scool,god lookhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HM3fN6uJf_M
  6. now that I had a lot of beautiful works and interessant..but the important thing is get healthy again
  7. damn a month with out of arm epicondyle ripping .
  8. this foto making in 2012 in the tabeland of asiago,north italy
  9. Sartore Renzo


    here is my new purchase , a book entirely devoted to the manufacture of damask , edited the best knife makers Bergamo , address publisher, fully translated into English.
  10. hy ,the choice of the painter was to provide defensive weapons (buckler) and a sword because it was part of a role: in the frame work of italian army end of the 15th century .the sword and bukler, accompanied the men-at-arms from 1200al1500.in were very well used for personal defense weapons; here is an example of a duel with sword and buckler 1390.I will keep you definitely informed on the next steps of the project, I know I can learn a lot from you thankyou!
  11. here I am at the start with a new project, from a painting by Antonio del pollaiolo (Florence 1431-1498) entitled s.michele arcangelo.la total length of the sword is 33.4", 27,50 blade, large1,8", weight total3,5pound.the measures I obtained from the measurement arm of the archangel, and I scaled with the client's arm, the blade will be made in damascus 100 layers.thats is a painting..
  12. Sì è la presa potrebbe essere molto meglio, faccio di solito i nodi di testa turco, ma la fretta di vederlo finito mi ha fatto scegliere la soluzione che si può vedere
  13. thankyou Kevin,i forgot to indicate the total weight of sword:pound 3,8.Excuse me for my bad english,i'm helping with the translator google .
  14. mi ultimate work,total lenght 37,7",blade 31,4"wide 1,18"point 0,7":
  15. hello everyone I'm renzo and I live in a small town in the north of the Venetian italia.il my work is a welder at a company that works on the petrochemical and chemical industry, I paid several materials , all stainless and I had also experience with titanium and zirconium . my real passion are the swords including dal1400a all il1600 , I took my first steps three years ago , and always from teacher drive , ..im married since 2004 and have a child who has just turned five years , and it seems that he has a passion for swords !!pardon for mi english
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