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    Love cars, especially Land Rovers and Alfa Romeo's, sail boats, guns, knives, single malt, food & cooking. I live in Denmark. Rookie knife maker, stock removal and forging beginner.
  1. Beautiful work - you have every reason to be proud and pleased with your effort...
  2. What an oddly appealing knife - I like it, and I don't even know why? Interesting design, I really like it - though the Emerald is a bit lost on me
  3. Thanks man - I feel the same way about women (and knives)
  4. I always liked the Fällkniven A1, but never did like those plastic handles - so I made my own. Simple O2 blade, blued, 6.2", 3/16" over the spine. Handle is in ebony, lightly buffed with beeswax and with red fiber inlays. Really like this one, even if there are slight symmetri issues here and there - this knife is the first I made that gave that really nice feel of "purposeful handmade tool". Today was a good day
  5. You can be very proud, that is a beautiful knife!
  6. Hi friends, I need some inspiration. I am drawing up a set of three kitchen knives for myself. The set will consist of a chef knife, a pairing knife and a small pointy utility knife. Blades will be diff. HT UHB20C, vinegar etched, simple and old school. Bolster will be antiqued bronze or copper. My question: I would love to finish the handles in a furrowed dark wood (texture like drift wood, but darker color), with a low luster satin finish (not shiny, but "warm"). Thus: 1. Which kind of wood am I looking for here? 2. How to finish it, so that it will look like described above, without being un-hygenic? Any input or direction setting will be highly appreciated - cheers
  7. I am not sure if such a magnificent display of skill is an inspiration to a rookie as myself, or if it just scares me away from ever posting one of my own feeble attempts on making a knife again That is truly a nice piece, well done.
  8. That's a very simple and attractive knife. I also would prefer a bit more "uniformity" regarding the pins and lanyard tubes, and a more defined plunge line, but the overall impression and finish, is that of a more experienced knife maker, I am also just at the beginning of my learning curve, so from one rookie to another: Very well done!
  9. Thanks Robert, thats very kind of you. Actually the bolster was the part that especially revealed how rusty my basic tool skills had become, but the fit was OK-ish in the end... and thanks for the welcome, I really got bitten by the knife bug
  10. Hi All, So, this is my first post and my second knife, so bear with me. I made the blade from UHB20C (close to O1 as far as i know). Ground from flat bar and then bevelled and shaped with files. Quenched in oil using a coal forge and tempered afterwards. Vinegar patina on blade, walnut handle treated with bees wax. Brass bolster. The blade has a Tanto inspired (-ish - I know) silouettte, but has a scandi grind (hence Scandinavia meets Japan). Seeing it now, the Ricasso should have been bigger / further forward, and I should have incorporated a small arc to the front, so that it is not quite so chisel like I started this knife adventure to combat some beginning stress, and I really enjoy using my hands again, after a 20 year break (used to work as a metal worker/fabricator) - but damn my skills are rusty. I look forward to posting my third knife in a week or two, which will hopefully "up the game" ever so slightly. Have a nice evening gents & damsels
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