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    Love cars, especially Land Rovers and Alfa Romeo's, sail boats, guns, knives, single malt, food & cooking. I live in Denmark. Rookie knife maker, stock removal and forging beginner.
  1. Super tidy grinds - pretty.
  2. Jerrod: The data sheet uses both names 135cr3 & 130CrV3 respectively - composition from the French supplier as follows:
  3. Hi Joel & Jerrod, Thanks for posting. I always get the terminology wrong reg. Heat treatment, no news there (but kindly noted) I sadly don't have any proper heat treatment oven, nor IR-thermometer - so my low tech approach is bring the blade to non-magnetic in my gasforge in a dimly lit Room, and compare to a color chart. The i use that "look-up" as a point of visual reference/baseline. You're probably right that my lack of accurate temperature control is the root cause. I just never had this issue before, on approx. 50 blades in misc. steels, but mayb
  4. Hi, I am working with some New steel, and have issues with very coarse grain structure. The steel is european grade 130 CrV3 (close to w2). I did 3 x normalizing, starting at just over unmagnetic on the first run, and just below unmagnetic at the last one. All three cycles allowed to air cool. Quench at approx 820 deg. C in parks 50, preheated to about 40 deg. C. Tempered 2 x 1 hrs at 230 deg. C. Had a small warp, and tried straightning in a vise, straight after last anneal (still warm). Snapped very loudly, and revealed a super course grain
  5. Beautiful work - you have every reason to be proud and pleased with your effort...
  6. What an oddly appealing knife - I like it, and I don't even know why? Interesting design, I really like it - though the Emerald is a bit lost on me
  7. Thanks man - I feel the same way about women (and knives)
  8. I always liked the Fällkniven A1, but never did like those plastic handles - so I made my own. Simple O2 blade, blued, 6.2", 3/16" over the spine. Handle is in ebony, lightly buffed with beeswax and with red fiber inlays. Really like this one, even if there are slight symmetri issues here and there - this knife is the first I made that gave that really nice feel of "purposeful handmade tool". Today was a good day
  9. You can be very proud, that is a beautiful knife!
  10. Hi friends, I need some inspiration. I am drawing up a set of three kitchen knives for myself. The set will consist of a chef knife, a pairing knife and a small pointy utility knife. Blades will be diff. HT UHB20C, vinegar etched, simple and old school. Bolster will be antiqued bronze or copper. My question: I would love to finish the handles in a furrowed dark wood (texture like drift wood, but darker color), with a low luster satin finish (not shiny, but "warm"). Thus: 1. Which kind of wood am I looking for here? 2. How to finish it, so that it will look like described above, wi
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