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  1. This will be followed closely by me! I already want one like it just from the drawing.
  2. My first wasn't near that nice! Like said above, you have the tools and materials to make more, and with each new one, you'll get better and learn some tricks. Tell us how you heat treated and such. Also, nice work on the pins.
  3. Absolutely wonderful carving and the colors on the handle are perfect for it. I too like the shape and look of the blade. Very nice work!
  4. That's a lot of beveling by hand, but looks to be coming along nicely!
  5. I'm not usually a fan of daggers, but you hit this one out of the park! It really looks like a period piece and that handle is just SICK!
  6. Anxiously awaiting more! I really like this knife.
  7. I really like the blade texture from the rasps and the handle material pairs perfectly with it.
  8. That turned out great. Should be a great piece on the mantel during this time of year.
  9. That just looks mean! The guard goes very well with the blade shape as well.
  10. Very nice save! I think the rustic look is perfect for this knife. Looking forward to seeing the sheath.
  11. Very nice indeed! The sheath looks perfect for that design as well.
  12. This is nothing compared to the pattern welding I see on here, but it's the first I've been able to do in 3 years! I had a fire a few years ago at my old rented shop and between insurance and all of the legal BS, I lost interest. Now, with about 1/4 of the tools I used to have, I've gotten back into it. Now I just have to decide where to take this piece next. 1095 and 15n20 Propane forge Hand hammered Charlie
  13. Great work! Nice pattern on the blade and I too am a fan of the scotchbrite belts. I only have a medium right now, but it's getting some use.
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