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  1. Thank you, the site is looking great.
  2. Agree the first on is a Knights of Columbus sword...and what I can see of the second on I may venture and guess in India influence?
  3. Welcome, I am also in Indiana. Gibson county, if you were closer I could hook you up with a rail you could use for an anvil. You could also check out http://www.indianablacksmithing.org/index.html . I believe they have some meeting that are close to you. Good luck in you forging.
  4. That is a very beautiful knife
  5. Very cool...thank you for sharing.
  6. I hope that one day I can also find a troll to help me in my shop too.
  7. Alan there is not much of a ring to it. Thank you for looking into. I am thinking that it is a steel-faced cast iron anvil. I looked under it and there was no working holes. I got to use it yesterday and there was no real problem that I could see with it.
  8. Yesterday I got my first anvil. It is made by the National Supply Co. Toledo, Ohio 150 pounds. I did some google searches and have not had to much luck other than finding out the most basic info. I have a couple of pic, but they are from my cell phone. I tested the rebound and it is about 80%+ by the horn. But there is a couple of spot were it looks like they tried to weld the chips in the edge and the rebound about 40%. I was wondering if any one else have this brand of anvil or have worked with one. I am more that happy with it...it is so much better than the piece of RR track I was
  9. Very nice find. Wish I could find deals like that in my area.
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