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  1. I did try my hand at making a ring for my wife once. I can see where that would've helped! Tom
  2. Rob, did it come with a stand or any hardy tools? That would look cool on top of your dash! Tom
  3. Come on people! Is nobody going to notice the nice holiday tablecloth? Tom
  4. What situation isnt improved by bacon? Tom
  5. Really cool Larry. I'm with Gerhard on this one. Never liked using guthooks, but I never thought of widening it out and making it more pronounced. Did the guthooks affect your heat treat plans at all? Tom
  6. Sorry for the delay alex, the tag on the motor apparently was made when Moby dick was a minnow, but the best I can tell is its a 1/6 hsp with 1720 rpm. Pretty small but it moves the cam around with ease. The wheel riding on the cam helps with friction. I even have 2 very heavy springs pulling down. Probly could add more. Hope this helps You! Tom
  7. I believe it's a 1.5 horse. Ill take a look for sure. I had it up in the barn for years so it got elected. Geared down as it is, it seems to have no issues, but again, only for small work. Just saves the arm. Tom
  8. This is the puny hammer I built for about 65$. Strange thing is, for the simple construction it works quite well for small billets. It was mostly just fun to build, needing only a little from the hardware store. This is unfinished stage. I added a foot lever, belt, and railroad track hold down. The only difficult part was the cam geometry. There are 2 springs kinda hidden between the uprights by the hammer head. Tom
  9. Wow, that is beautiful Clint. I love the darker hue of the blade, the spine geometry by the tip, and especially the elegant curve. What kind of wood? What an awesome package! Tom
  10. Crap. I was way off. I saw that small chunk of chain and the first thing that popped in my head was a morning star attached to a staff. Then you mentioned big blade. Tom
  11. t cudworth

    To the dads

    Happy father's day to all the other dads, grandpa's, and great- grandpa's out there! May we all have at least 1 day where we can work in the shop and have everything go right. No cuts, bruises, cracks, flaws, forgotten scratches till its too late, bad vfd's, broken belts, broken tongs, out of gas, getting sidetracked to fix the sink or washer, fix your child's bike, you gotta mow the lawn it looks like crap, please quick do the garbage, dad why is there green stuff running out under my car, dad my PlayStation wont turn on, honey we need charcoal, etc, etc, etc. That's why we are fathers. I salute you all! Tom
  12. Alex, great job contouring the handle, and the tang insertion the guard, no gaps. Very clean little package! Run thru your heating process start to finish, maybe we can give some insight? Tom
  13. Waaaaayyy better than my 3rd. It looks great! I really like the handle / guard area. The protruding copper looks really cool. You are definately on your way!! Tom
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