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  1. Wow, that is beautiful Clint. I love the darker hue of the blade, the spine geometry by the tip, and especially the elegant curve. What kind of wood? What an awesome package! Tom
  2. Crap. I was way off. I saw that small chunk of chain and the first thing that popped in my head was a morning star attached to a staff. Then you mentioned big blade. Tom
  3. t cudworth

    To the dads

    Happy father's day to all the other dads, grandpa's, and great- grandpa's out there! May we all have at least 1 day where we can work in the shop and have everything go right. No cuts, bruises, cracks, flaws, forgotten scratches till its too late, bad vfd's, broken belts, broken tongs, out of gas, getting sidetracked to fix the sink or washer, fix your child's bike, you gotta mow the lawn it looks like crap, please quick do the garbage, dad why is there green stuff running out under my car, dad my PlayStation wont turn on, honey we need charcoal, etc, etc, etc. That's why we are fathers. I sa
  4. Alex, great job contouring the handle, and the tang insertion the guard, no gaps. Very clean little package! Run thru your heating process start to finish, maybe we can give some insight? Tom
  5. Waaaaayyy better than my 3rd. It looks great! I really like the handle / guard area. The protruding copper looks really cool. You are definately on your way!! Tom
  6. Very sorry to hear this john. I'm glad you are ok though! Tom
  7. Incredible. That pommel, set into the handle with its texture and finish is absolutely beautiful and very motivating. And when the wife says that. You should be very proud my friend! Another reason why a handmade blade means so much! Months of thinking,pondering, erasing, and planning. I salute you!! Tom
  8. Started this big rasp knife, not an order, just an in between fun project. Will probly get black walnut scales. Finally finishing up this spear I started moons ago. Have some straightening yet, and heat treat, but a fun project. Tom
  9. Good morning everyone, it's nuts here in eastern wi. Gov will be signing the dont leave your home order on tues. All nonessential businesses have shut down. I'm half owner of a small town auto repair shop, and we are slowing too. We are NEVER slow. That worries me. We put our full timer on unemployment, but it doesn't matter because he's being mobilized in the guard. Our food supply is bulging (We quietly stocked up, and always were doing so), i went around the house and barn and outbuildings and fortified everything. Already hearing of nefarious activity around this area. I'm also on vacation
  10. Delivered this set to a nice lady as a late xmas gift to her husband, 2 sons, and daughter. The stand is featuring antlers from the father's best friend that just passed away. She only wanted a keychain for the one son. (He must have been naughty. All are 5160 with antler, black walnut, and copper spacers. The daughters has pine cone scales. Stay well everyone! Tom
  11. I just got home from my morning run to the hardware store, and my thought of the day is what I said to the crabby young lady running the register- "If your going to take someone's money, at least look them in the eye." Am I an asshole? Tom
  12. Dam Clint, that is beautiful! I love the recurve angle. Everything looks very good together!! Tom
  13. This is a great thread. I had these questions for a long time. I never knew much about wood sealing, so i have experimented quite a bit in the past. If someone could expand a bit on using ca glue and then polishing, that would be great. Also, what you all do for polishing and buffing the handle, wood, antler, copper, bone etc. These 2 i have almost done are black walnut, copper spacers, and antler. The top one is sanded up to 2500, buffed on a muslin wheel and the 2 coats of Danish oil. Bottom one is same story, but with boiled linseed oil. Not much color difference, but im also wondering abou
  14. Ric is spot on. I've been in his shop...its awesome. I fix cars for a living so i was encouraged by the industry to be a toolaholic when i already was one. Some of the tools do crossover to my knife hobby. My magnetic inductor works simply slick for softening the end of the tang for preening. I dont mind, i plan to futz around in the shop after I retire until i croak. Heck, il probly buy a socket set for adjusting the hit man pin on a flux capacitor if the tool guy had one. Id probly get a free jacket with it. Tom
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