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  1. I just finished this one for a friend's daughter that works on a farm and loves the outdoors. First time working with resin handles, but surprisingly fun to work with. I usually build a sketch with a customer, showing different options etc. I was a little worried when she wanted the pin design instead of 3 in the middle. I had heard these types of scales are brittle, but they were pleasant to work with, and buff nicely. Then the sad part. I had to build a casket for my little guys hamster. Simple pine, burnt with a torch a bit. My son put some bedding in too so he would be comfortable. Then cl
  2. Ive seen on a tai goo video when he quenches, he had a north marker buried in the dirt, and he always quenches north/south. I assumed at the time, and now im pretty sure thats bogus. Tom
  3. Hanging in the waiting room in my shop is a small poster that reads "when a task is first begun, never leave it till its done. Be the task big or small do it right or not at all." A saying from my late grandma dorothy. Tom
  4. My son and i went to iron mountain, michigan last weekend, and climbed the gigantic ski hill they have there. 500 concrete steps with a plaque on each one. One step said "there is no elevator to success, you have to take the steps". Tom
  5. I needed a bit more room for basic classes, and i dont have the garage built yet, so i decided on this leanto structure built onto the milkhouse where i currently work. Best part is, i had all the lumber up in the barn. Have to put the osb and rubber on the roof yet, but that sadly is not free. I had to put the end posts on big concrete pads because sinking the poles in the ground wasnt an option because of extremely rocky ground. I have 2 pieces of white sheet steel for the north end (the milkhouse is west and im looking north) to keep out the prevailing wind. Plenty of space for the forge an
  6. So... my next logical question is- if i had too much corn the night before, would that make it damascus or pattern welded? Tom
  7. I second that Will. I wish i was too. I hate selling a knife to a customer without a sheath. Gotta keep working at it tho. So many different aspects of knifemaking, people don't realize the time involved. Leatherwork especially. I look forward to the day when my sheaths dont look like an accident! Tom
  8. That is awesome! Now i wanna sit down and watch conan! Super work Tom
  9. Doug, ive had theft out of our barn twice. I know who did it too, after i put head gaskets in their van for free no less, because like a dumbass, i felt bad for them. But now, different story. Been burned so many times, i have no sympathy. Youll find that in the dictionary between shit and syphallis (sp?). When i go to bed tonight i will say a prayer that when he got home with your anvil, he carries it to his garage filled with glee, and squishes his balls between it and the workbench. Then i hope it falls horn down on his foot. Im sorry im so bitter. People just piss me off sometimes. I hope
  10. Holy balls Gary! That is stunning! The steel is incredible, but i really like the cross hatched pattern on the handle, and the simple swell in the middle of the handle from the top view. It must be a dream to hold. You sir, are like wile e. Coyote. A super genious! Dam nice gary! Tom
  11. Greg, im sure the others will chime in with their collective genious, but i would recommend first doing a lengthy search and some reading. There are some really great threads here on the subject. To me, a rr spike is less than average quality steel, so using superquench would be overkill? Not sure but i believe its designed for higher quality steels. As far as using "oil", i wouldnt use motor oil because of the fumes and impurities, i would use simple and cheap canola oil. Works great for leaf spring and 5160 which seem to be readily available when starting to forge. If you did use motor oil
  12. Alex, the wife and i were going to take the boys to gatlinburg in march for spring break, but it fell thru. But we replanned it for march of '20. I investigated the area well, and smkw looks awesome! I do believe that in the corner of their parking lot is an older gentleman that runs a small knife shop, where you can even make your own. That sounded like someone to talk with for awhile. Not sure about the food, but im sure you better put a vise grips on your wallet! Hope you all have safe travels! Tom
  13. Dam Richard, that is beautiful! I can only imagine the huge amount of brownie points id get if i presented something like that to my wife! Tom
  14. This isnt knife related, but it came to me right away- dont carry a transmission from the trans jack to the bench by yourself, you can crush your nuts between the edge of the bench and the transmission!
  15. Geoff, i love the blade shape! Sorta speary and cool how you have dark in the handle and the blade. And the flutes really add to it. Darn good job! Tom
  16. Very cool jason, very well done. This is one of 3 shop mascots at times. Her name is Izzy. Part Italian bull mastiff, part rott. A huge big loving baby, with a mean sounding bark, and thats it. My wife then brought home a teeny tiny baby schnauzer, and Izzy took her right in as her own. They are now inseperable. For some reason or another they like to come in and see what im up to. Tom
  17. I work on cars for a living and always thought of strapping 1 coil on each foot. Probly good i didnt. Yup. Freezing rain here in eastern wi with humungous winds. Cant wait to forge in a t shirt again. Tom
  18. This is a really cool thread. Years ago, when life started getting REALLY busy, i found myself reminding myself this: if you feel your thoughts sliding over to the lazy area, dont listen to them. Its kept me out of trouble. Tom
  19. Andrew, when im grinding, i crank the vfd up to the moon, wear sweats and a very loose t shirt and a hat with dangly tossels. Then, i select an overly worn out 36 with burn marks on it, i put one foot on the wall behind me, and without a face shield or respirator i push like im benching 315. All kidding aside, im very excited for you! I remember that day for me, it was a complete 180! Very good advise already from everyone else, and i cant add much, just be safe, practice and have fun! A question tho, is there a spot on your grinder for adding a tool rest? And i often thought about modi
  20. I gave the firebowl a more thorough look over and i cant see any writing at all. The bowl appears to be thick and solid. Should work well for what it is. I thought it was pretty high on the neato scale. As i said before, he referred to it as a 1903 farmer's helper. Thanks everyone! Tom
  21. I still have to check the bowl for writing. Ill check that in the morning. Tom
  22. Sorry guys, these two leg vises were in the package too. Dont hate me too much! Tom
  23. Holy shit Wes... how could you even sell that!? No way in hell could I ever part with that. Beautiful deadly bad ass looking work of art! Thank you for sharing this with all of us!! Tom
  24. Im about 80 miles northeast. Buried in snow and butt cold temps! As Dave Canterbury i believe said: "colder than a tin toilet seat on the shady side of an iceberg".
  25. Not sure Doug. Ill look closer tonight after work and see. The bowl area looked pretty thick and beefy. Tom
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