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  1. The test ive been working up to and waiting for! Been working on my first sword build, and felt I couldnt properly heat it up enough and evenly with the old farriers forge, thus the new diamondback. Since im on a 3 day holiday anyway, im going to quench tonight. I have a 4" by 5' pipe for quenching and will be using canola oil. Im a little skeptical about 4" being too small, but i think it will be enough volume. The sword dimensions are roughly 37x2x3/16. Im trying to plan out to the smallest detail, i really want this to go well. Ive annealled it twice, final shape is as close as its going t
  2. Would someone please point out the flaws here? Because I cant find a damn one. That is absolutely beautiful! Tom
  3. i ran a small test last night. i ran the forge till i was satisfied it was full warmed up and put in a piece of leaf spring 1x3x normal leaf spring thickness, and i had full orange at 2:20. i was very happy with that. hope this helps someone. tom
  4. I fully agree ric. When i came and worked with you, i may have asked alot of questions, but i listened alot too. People have to learn to set aside their egos, and suck up info like a sponge. Just think how much more intelligent the country would be! Or am i asking too much? Tom
  5. This is a hybrid cleaver type from a large farriers rasp( our farrier gives them to me by the box). Just kinda flowed right outta me. It will have black walnut scales when i get that far. Thanks for looking! Tom
  6. Here are some pics of the forge. Hope this helps. I have it powered by 2 tanks run together. I seem to get more out of them this way. If anyone can suggest a reasonably priced pyrometer, ill get one and run some tests. Tom
  7. Heres the barrel in operation, and tge sword underway. Guard is fitted loosely for now. Any tips or critique would be great! Tom
  8. Ok... this is right off my phone. Hope its not too huge. Ill download the app and take some detailed pics tonight. I dont have a pyrometer yet( wrecked the last o e) , but the during its first run, it got way hotter, way quicker than the old farrier forge. Any specs or particular close ups? Id be glad to help. I could also disassemble it and take pics. Tom
  9. if someone could point me to a tutorial of uploading pics that would be great. tom
  10. I know this has kinda been done to death, but it seems like there has been alot of questions lately on this subject, so I thought this could help someone. Ive been using our farriers forge for 6 years now, i guess id call it an open design, with a blower. kind of a pig on gas. I made, wrecked, and learned alot on it. I decided I needed an upgrade, so I settled on a diamondback ironworks 2 burner knife model. Unboxed it last night, set it up, and fired it up. The ship time, and packaging was great. The assembly was simple. Parts quality was everything I expected. The forge body itself is
  11. perfectly said. id be 60 % stupider if it wasnt for you all
  12. very cool walter! clean lines, i love it.
  13. Ive got it built, and i did go smaller. Crap turns out i couldve left the barrel full size because my calculations were off on the ceramic blanket. Oh well, ive got alot left over. I did build it copying todds design. I figured why mess with genius. First problem was airflow. I loosened the top a bit( i didnt weld it on for removal of a dropped piece and repairs etc), and backed out the burner and voila, you could hear the burn even out. Some sort of an adjustable opening at the top would be ideal. Be warned the fumes in the beginning im sure are toxic as hell. I let the cement dry for 2 days
  14. just found an old post by todd gdula, great build, answered alot of questions. i searched in the beginning, but not far enough apparently! thanks again guys!
  15. thanks alan. i will check them out.
  16. thanks guys! the even heat was definately a concern. the outer circumference is 6 ft, im gonna try to go down to 4, kinda fits with the amount of insulation i ordered. if i can ever get the picture thing figured out ill post some progress pics. also, i was going to use a weed burner, but would there be something else you would recommend?
  17. Morning everyone! im in the middle of building a 55 gallon drum forge for a sword build, and im wondering if I could remove both ends, slit the barrel the long way, and roll it tighter to make the whole unit smaller? or would i need the whole drum? i would use less kaowool, and the unit would be smaller. just not sure if it would affect the heating?
  18. jd, that blade is beautiful. the steel is beautiful. the handle idea is so simple but looks so fluid with the rest of the lines. Is the handle pinned under the wrap? awesome work!
  19. That is awesome Noah! I love the integration from metal to wood. I would say he will be blown away!
  20. Andrew, Im in Sheboygan county, and Ive been to 2 of Ric's classes in Door County. I had a great time and learned much! I cant say enough about the experience. I would recommend him to anyone. The bladeshow in janesville is coming up in march, and I think he may be there.
  21. that file jig is a great idea. i love the adjustable eyelet. dam good work!
  22. that is absolutely evil looking! next level work!!
  23. the top of my forge is flat, and works great for keeping my coffee warm. i bet i could warm up a cheeseburger while im working.
  24. Thats awesome! Anything from a son to a father is so very special, especially that! I love the color of the handle and the profile of the blade. great work!!
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