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  1. absolutely beautiful set wes. very crisp and clean. this may be a basic question, but, how did you get the aged look on the copper?
  2. thank you everyone! havent quite got the hang of posting pics yet. most of the knife pics i have are on my phone. shouldnt be too hard just gotta give it a shot. i warn you, theyre not taken by a professional!
  3. hi all! i finally had some time to put together a post! i got bit by the iron bug when i was very young. about 5 years ago i made an old cast iron sink into a coal forge with some piping, my wifes old hair dryer, and a big flapper valve from town. it worked pretty good, but the only place i could setup was in our small milkhouse. i had massive ventilation problems! our ferrier came one day and checked it out and gave me his old gas forge to use, and thats what im currently using. i was able to aquire and old 100lb anvil, 2 basic tongs, and a few other assorted shop tools. i run a small auto repair shop, so im set ok in that department. i banged away for about 2 years, using trial and error, (mostly error), and did a ton of reading. 3 years or so ago my wife sent me to a knife making class with ric furrer for my birthday. the class was awesome! i made a large 16" camp knife, and i have carried it into the woods every single time i go out. i have since made 15-20 knives, nothing special, using mostly leaf spring, ferrier rasps, and axles from work. i rarely use the axles because i dont have a power hammer. i gave all of them away as gifts, but its worth it to me because of the learning process. i havent tried damascus or any laminating yet, but thats to come. i cant wait to learn from you all!! any tips or disasters i can avert would be great!! tom
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