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  1. The color change is an indication of temperature. Can't see it well but between straw and blue violet. 400 - 450 deg
  2. Canola, smells like French fries keeps the peace somewhat. Or a toaster oven and thermometer I
  3. Look at it as a learning experience. We all have projects go south and end up in the pile. Just had a billet of 1095, band saw blade and pure nickel de laminate. Tried sugar and boric acid no joy. Already placed order with Aldo ready to go again.
  4. Got to agreement with Gabriel you did learn something that you will use later on. Don't bother trying to case harden a36. Shoot me a pm. I have some cut pieces of bandsaw blade 2" wide foot or so long appx 1/8" thick. I use for Damascus and for fillet knives
  5. I am torn because I have a arc tube from a high pressure sodium light. On a sharp knife it polishes the edge unlike steel. I have to fight to salvage these things. Old men who whittle swear by them. I'll post pictures later today
  6. If you do depot look for Emt fittings in Elec dept. should all be together.
  7. Try plumbing supply houses before you do Amazon. I have had great success going that route and saved a lot also. Check for a Ferguson supply.
  8. White out works great. Didn't think about doing can weld but makes sense. I will go with 1 1/2" square tube as have dies that size in the press at shop. Thanks Dave, great suggestion
  9. Sorry Was not specific enough about the brick in forge. I was thinking raise the floor with extra layer of brick not just add brick to reduce volume. Brain better than fingers at times.
  10. If your using a 20 lb propane tank and killing it in an hour sounds like orifice in burner WAY to large or inside of forge to big. Can try adding fire brick or kiln shelf for floor to reduce size. Pictures would help
  11. Karma will catch up with robbers like that. Can cut cable with cutoff disc then use soft iron wire to fix end long enough to weld end for twisting.
  12. Try crane companies or construction companies. I found a sling manufacture and he saves me all his drops. 3/4" and 1". Cut in 10" lengths. Cut and stack. Draw out to 1/2" spare then weld and twist again. Not using power hammer either. Taking a toll on shoulder and elbow. But it's worth it
  13. Thinning it helps but let dry for hour or so then into oven at 300 deg for 30 min to fully dry. Still some ballooning but not as much
  14. I'm about to try some scrapmascus using small drops from various billets I've forged sandwiched between 1095, 1" bandsaw blade and nickel sheet. Who knows the results but worth a shot. If you need some bandsaw blade shoot me a pm. I work in fab shop and have dozens of old blades 1" and 2". Willing to share the wealth.
  15. Modified tanto. Neck knife for my cable supplier. I'll post finished knife next day or so. Thanks. I love the patterns cable produces. I am a heavy lift rigger by trade so only makes sense to forge a blade with it,
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