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  1. If you're still looking, and you mentioned euros, look to ESAB. Very good machines from base 20% duty to heavy 100% duty cycle industrial models. Plus ubiqutous in the EU. Spring for something that has square wave output capabilities since you want to weld 0.8 mm. It'll add to the cost, but worth it on the thin stuff. Rgds.
  2. Alright, looked briefly at the video finally between crisis and it occurred to me, simplistically, what you've done is replicate a common pump circuit. I was thinking a higher frequency cycle time to minimise temp rundown was being used when talking about pressure spikes, like a mechanical or pneumatic hammer Link below is someone else's for visual only. http://www.exman.com/fsms.html If you look at the animation, and used a 4 port, 2 position single solenoid, spring return valve energised by coil MS1, name it whatever, it would be a reproducible reciprocating hydraulic control scheme,
  3. Please pardon my first post here for going all technical and high-brow. I do heavy industrial fluid power in high tonnage apps. Google youtube hot strip mill or hot forging press for ref. Haven't seen your video, so questions are blind and are more for design safety suggestions. What pump style? Oil type? Have an accumulator? Newer hoses? Proper rated tubing? Secondary pressure line relief? What kinda tonnage you after? My immediate thoughts while reading was massive pressure spikes and 'water hammer' during cycling, if using fixed displacement pumps and 'bang-bang' solenoid valves, le
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