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  1. Marty Blake

    braided mosaic pattern welded steel.

    That's pretty damn cool!
  2. Marty Blake

    Arctic Fire 2016 Videos

    Thank you all who made this happen. I Love watching the AF videos.
  3. Marty Blake

    Fire gear carry knife

    This right here. I like it a lot.
  4. Marty Blake

    Reindeer and Steel

  5. I followed the first one online, missed 2013 and was wondering about 2016. Free is good too. Just the kind of thing I like to rewatch, You all out so much work in and it really is amazing to watch it all happen.
  6. Will there be dvd's that can be purchased?
  7. Marty Blake

    Seven King Sword

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece with us. Fantastic!
  8. Marty Blake

    Back in the game

    i am glad you are able to get back to it and your work is inspiring as always.
  9. Marty Blake

    "SnarkNado" Fighter.

    I love this thing!
  10. Marty Blake

    Therapy Dagger: A little PW Dagger

    That is a beautiful dagger Dave. I am sorry to hear about the recent trouble. I hope it smooths out soon.
  11. Marty Blake

    Mini-Anvils, Possibly For Sale

    I would be in for one of the 3 lb'ers @30, Possible 2.