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  1. Hi just wanted to post my completed vertical forge. Love it except I would like to convert to blown air burner (need blower). Only thing I do not like is the way I sealed off top of forge chamber. I coated a piece of Inswool with Satanite and laid on top (it's under that metal lid). Now it's stuck on there and have no way of getting into the forge chamber for maintenance, dropped parts, etc. My fix for this is maybe a 1 sq ft piece of Duraboard cut into a circle to "plug" the forge chamber. OR since I plan to buy some Kast-o-Lite 30 soon, I may just make a casted circle mold to block the top of chamber. Duraboard is pricey so I'm leaning toward the later option. Anyway just wanted to post a pic. Feedback and/or tips are welcome. Thanks everyone!
  2. Josh I'm in the same boat, only worked with Venturis. Think I might just use my single burner and save the forced air for the larger vertical forge
  3. I agree Geoff, I was concerned it might be a little too long. I was given 8"x14" pic of pipe, but could cut it down no problem (angle grinder) ..... LOL. What do you think might be a good length to go for? Only reason for the build was bc I like to build them and thought it would be nice to have a small forge a step up from my little two brick.
  4. Hi I'm building a forge that will be 8"dia x 14" long. Just wanted to get some opinions and feedback on the burner setup. Right now I have a vertical forge with venturi burner, plan to move to forced air once I get a blower. For the small horizontal forge I'm building I plan to line with 2" Inswool, 1/2" Kast-o-Lite 30 refractory. That means chamber is approx. 5.5" dia x 14" long (was thinking of just using firebrick as the front and rear doors). Will not be welding with this forge, only forging blades for now. So my question is, since this is 14" long, should I: A.) use two venturi burners B.) one forced air burner ***Also I had considered cutting the pipe or making a "plug" from insulation/refractory for the back of forge, so as to make the chamber a little smaller. I'm worried 14" long forge is little too long, but maybe I'm wrong.... Thank you!
  5. No problem appreciate the help. I ended up pressing some wool into the chamber slightly (from the top). Then used that indented area as a marking for where to put some heavy coats of satanite. Added a watery coat of satanite to the rest of the wool right before I sealed off the chamber with it. This is only temporary though. I'm ordering some 1" Duraboard, bout one square foot, and cut into a small circular lid to block off chamber. I'll toss the metal lid over top all that. I'll lose some heat efficiency but will be a breeze to maintain chamber and take lid off and on, etc. might eventually attach some wool inside that metal lid eventually but we'll see how my heat efficiency does.
  6. Hi guys just wanted post my little sheepsfoot Dashi I made out of some scrap steel (1084 or O1) def one, not sure which. I was just screwing around building my vertical forge and decided to bust out the ol two brick forge and forged this little guy. It's nothing pretty and I can't believe how handy and using it is for EDC, especially since I didn't even play to really carry it. Took a wicked edge too.
  7. Jerrod- Any chance u could post a pic of that? Not sure I understand what you mean
  8. Really like the ebony handle, nice job! How was it working with it? Got some on the way.
  9. Yea that's very true I guess. I was just thinking I needed multiple refractory layers, but i guess that's mainly for creating a more robust lining. I don't plan on hitting the roof lol
  10. Haha sorry wasn't sure how to fix it. Anyone know the top of the forge should be sealed up? Not the cast iron lid but the insulation under that. I had a round piece of inswool, satanite coated, and laid on top. Problem was it stuck and I couldn't add another coat, like I did inside the forge. I'd like to have the portion taking the heat to be coated a few times. I dunno maybe I'm just an idiot lol
  11. Yep I'm definitely going to weld a work rest to the front, just need to clean it up some, weld rest on and I'll be ready to roll
  12. Hi everyone I'm new here but wanted to post my forge build, sorry if this is wrong place. Just lookin for any pointers or advise. Got two one inch layers wool, coated completely with satanite and been re coating one day for last three days. Fired burner few times briefly to help cure. Like I said just looking for any and all comments , ideas, etc. also sorry not the prettiest forge but I'm sure it'll work, used an old cast iron lid that fits perfect lol. I'll post more after its cleaned up. Thanks!
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