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  1. you can see the hairline cracks in the block. I still have a lot of rough profiling to do but it’s going to be elegant as a carving knife or utility knife for someone (possibly myself or the wife)
  2. yeah ive currently burnt in the tang with two heats. there is still about 1/16 of an inch left sticking out on the taper, im using needle files to remove material where the stock is hitting inside the socket. Vern I would be greatly interested in a WIP of that stabilizing system you mention!
  3. so is this the kith sign upp thread or is it just the few of us because I think I have one for this and ive wanted to participate for YEARS!
  4. not stabilized but it has been "curing" in a temperature controlled room(my basement) for about five years now. the main slab is probably 3" thick and good 4' round to the bark. there are a couple hairline cracks across the surface that don't go any deeper then 1/2" when cross sectioned. pictures will come tonight. im currently at work HAHAH
  5. I like the WWI/WWII style knives and inspirations! keep em coming!
  6. we as machinists call this bearing brass as we often use it to replace static or temporary bearings in equipment where the rpm is low or the friction is virtually non existent.
  7. beautiful contrast in steel colour and scale choice!
  8. very good work! the eye on the second one down is pretty interesting choice, but balances out.
  9. I'm currently working on a small carving/woodworking knife that will have a spalted maple handle on the end grain facing out. its amazing the amount of grain showing through at 36 grit already, and the handle fits nicely. but its not done and still quiet bulky. I"m hoping to make this move to a slimmer more elegant look attached to the knife through a burnt in socket. my question is how do you know you've removed enough material without compromising the handle? and how do you judge when to start carving?(got to do the veins and stem through the middle) and how do you keep the design smooth but
  10. I was gonna say! they do bite, no matter what stage of the game. I leave the tip blunt and quite large(yes it looks funny but saves fingers) and wrap the last 1/2" with tape. to finish that secon I later file it down close and finish with a high grit belt and take my time to blend it in, finishing with sandpaper. but your on the right track!!!
  11. im in the same boat....pun intended lol. as for my shop, currently trying to build up tools ive been neglecting to make due to the unpredictable weather here in Ontario. as well as buying some more professional equipment to get ready to start a business in BC when I move there this winter! which is going to be an amazing background for my new photos of knives and daily forging! yes im buying a house that HAS to have some sort of workshop or barn off of it. wifey approved. im hoping to be well off enough with the black/bladesmithing to be able to employ her part time as an assistant and account
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