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  1. I have a 200# Smithy Special II, and I love it to death. Although, I don't use the little shelf as often as I thought I would.
  2. I'm very impressed with my TFS. They have a 100# "blacksmith" model for about $550.
  3. Do you think there would be enough people interested to start a "maker space" or similar? I'm not sure how much such a thing would cost, but I think it would be pretty neat.
  4. Do it on the edge of the platen. You can even round part of the platen edge to keep from digging in too much. Think less in terms of 2d and flat planes, and more like carving. That was the advice given to me by Mr. Knight when I basically asked this same question.
  5. DavidM

    I'm BAAAACK!

    Yeah. They are evolving away from the "real" kukri shape for me. Almost like a cross between a kukri and bolo.
  6. DavidM

    I'm BAAAACK!

    Thanks Alan! It's good to be back. This is a really rough version of a previous knife. Was hoping to appeal to a certain market, but I think I miscalculated. LOL I'm trying to dial that shape in, but something just isn't quite right.
  7. Been forever since I've visited this forum. The social media world has completely consumed me. I'm planning to retreat away from Facebook and it's like...and come back to places like this. Anyway. HI! Here is a pic of a knaf...just for giggles.
  8. It would be really nice to see something other than weapons on the show. I don't think it would fly with the target demographic though. Same reason they don't elaborate too much on the knifemaking process. The target audience just wouldn't be very interested. I'd be terrible at designing the show. It's end up having competitive hand-sanding. With hushed golf-like commentary.
  9. The crescent moon "DM" logo is what I'm using for all the Lunar Eclipse Forge stuff. And the "Musou" kanji is for my Japanese kitchen knives.
  10. DavidM

    Little Scandi

    Thanks guys. I really like this shape. Super tough little things.
  11. Been forever since I posted anything. Thought this forum was gone. lol Here is a little scandi I did last month. mild and 15n20. Maple handle. Wrought fittings. I'm actually kinda proud of this, because it is my first fluxless weld! Didn't even know you could do that. lol
  12. That little sander is awesome for sharpening and handles. I still keep mine around for that. Beautiful stonewashed look. Love it.
  13. The Oklahoma contingent will be there. Got vacation time building up just for this.
  14. DavidM


    Thanks Alan. I'm trying to put more effort into these things. Instead of just getting the interesting parts done then slapping the rest together. Something about the Japanese kitchen knives really appeals to me. Working on them is very calming. Probably going to present it to Mr Kawashiri's wife this week sometime. I really hope she doesn't hurt herself with it.
  15. DavidM


    Here is a short wa-gyuto I made for one of the Japanese expats here at work. W2 with a constant bevel. Left it very very hard. ~12" OAL. Handle is cocobolo. Saya is something related to cocobolo....but I forgot the name. The pin is ebony. Bag is silk. Still have to finish attaching the tassels properly. This is easily the most wicked thing I have ever handled. The sort of sharp that inspires nightmares. I like it alot.
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