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  1. Brut in 80CRV2 and maple. I'll have to measure it when I get home, but looking at about 17" OAL. Beast of a blade. $450 shipped. Brut1.mp4
  2. *wonders how the hell he missed that text* Responding now.
  3. I have steel and a power hammer...let's get to making that damascus.
  4. Much more pleased with the edge geometry on this one. Still not sure about the blacking process with the handle attached. The maple didn’t react as much as the walnut, but it still discolored
  5. That sounds about right. Larrin's recipe is 1950 for 15 minutes. Should have been "ok" at 1980. We didn't have the supplies for a cryo, but I didn't think the RA would be anything like what this seems to be. Need to play with it some more. I've neglected my nitro-v.
  6. We austenized a bit high, at 1980F with a 15 minute soak. There was a bit of decarb for sure. Was using no-scale for the first time and I think it might have flaked off in the oven. I need to investigate that. But under the decarb it was hard. We did have a hiccup during the ramp that forced us to go from 1900 back to 1800 while I restarted the program. The 80CRV2 blade came out perfect though. Stupid stainless. ;P
  7. That blasted nitro-v I'm thinking something went wrong. But for it to have enough RA to be less magnetic? I've never seen that before. It got hard, but skating a file isn't really the whole story. I'm thinking finish it up for the practise, and start another one. Two first knives...both better than anything I was able to make for a few years after starting.
  8. See, I get baited too easily. I need to learn how to just let it go and bow out like a big boy. i even have a box full of FiF boat anchors to pull out as a visual aid for the beginner conversation. lol
  9. Will haunt me till the end of my days! I’ve had to start explaining that I charge the same for a 3 hour piece as for a real knife. Fif tax
  10. But Alan, it only takes a few hours... the TV toold me so.
  11. I can dig that. Can’t wait to see how it goes
  12. You can come use the NRT any time you like. Although, that thing is dead soft so draw filing is not gonna be bad
  13. Getting a little relaxation before I have to start cooking and finishing up last minute presents.
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