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  1. Thanks for the tip, I got a couple on the way !
  2. I can't quantify it by measurements or percentages completed. Hell if it looks like a knife when you are done forging it and you do some clean up and refinements by grinding, filing & sanding its fine by me. As far as a rift goes, I feel there is the personification of an object that has been forged. We feel it is a part of us, something that came through us, that does not come from only stock removal or running a CNC program.
  3. Welcome and congrats on the first blade. Time with an experienced smith it time well spent. I gotta ask why do you want to make a forge that size ? I assume you are referring to two 20lb tanks. That's borderline huge !
  4. I forged a karambit from a 5/8 Craftsman wrench for a nephew and it wouldn't harden in canola like known HC steel. Didnt really matter it was more for show.
  5. I used 2" of insawool and 1/4" of satanite, 1/2" on the floor. I can't remember if I bought 5 or 10 lbs though but I had a little left over that I will use on hamons.
  6. Well done. That pattern is more pronounced that almost any I've ever seen. Do you have any more WIP pics ?
  7. First knife other than a RR spike KSO, forged from 1095 reclaimed blade steel from our sugarcane harvester. Finished with Kirinite Patriot scales and Nickle Silver pins.
  8. Here are a few recent knives I've finished. Two railroad spike knives with a 1084 bit forge welded in for the cutting edge. I banged them out pretty quick and took a sub par pic even quicker. I donated them to our local school fair silent auction. Both of these are reclaimed 1095 chopper blade steel from our sugarcane harvester. Just kind of sketched this one looking at an old Imperial folding knife. With Kirinite scales that I scalloped and hand sanded to 1500. I want to darken the brass pins, just not sure what to use yet. Here is a skinner with spalted peca
  9. http://www.exoticwoodsusa.com/order_knife_blanks.htm https://www.woodcraft.com/categories/knife-scales Just watch shipping it can be painful, but usually the more you buy the better off you are. Exoticwoodusa is about $18 minimum shipping at .5 lbs (1 average block) but at 3lbs (could be 6 blocks or more) shipping is still sub $20. That helps if you are willing to buy several, or if you want to have a few options to choose from.
  10. Great video, looking forward to more content.
  11. http://comeauxcaps.com/
  12. I've settled on a Norton IM313 along with a King 1000 & 6000 stone.
  13. Ok, thank yall very much. This gives me some direction to move forward with. I thought I read this procedure somewhere, guess I gotta read and reread. And I use blue shop paper towels, just call em rags for some reason. Thanks
  14. It is a chopper blade from a sugar cane harvester. I contacted the mfg and was told they use 1095 spring steel. I certainly do not have a clue as to the cause but when I did a test spot on the tang there were no streaks, it was an even dull finish.
  15. Here is the second knife Ive forged, and my first etch attempt. The steel is reclaimed 1095 that started out 7/16"X1"x6". After forging, grinding, heat treating, grinding to 400 grit, and cleaning with acetone I tested a spot on the tang with 3:1 Ferric Chloride and showed a dull smooth grey which would have been fine with me because a high polish finish would have clashed with the handle and the end user. When I etched the entire blade it seemed to leave somewhat of a faux Damascus look that I can't explain. The blade was cleaned thoroughly with acetone and I was wearing gloves I dipped into
  16. Very nice work, really digging those.
  17. Thanks for the insight. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in 3 projects by the end of the year.
  18. How do you plan to clean it up before forging ? I have a similar cable sling I was thinking of using an electrolysis tank to give it a soak.
  19. Definitely good to know, thank you.
  20. Well I have nothing new to add but my first impressions were to straighten the spine, straighten the belly and trim the tang. Forgive me for being a newbie offering advise but could you not heat the center of the blade and lay the spine of the knife on your anvil and "hammer" on the edge with the equavilant of a baseball bat?
  21. Thanks, thinking about doing a clip point skinner with possibly a rust browned finish. Also a letter opener style knife with Krinite Pearl scales.
  22. My first knife shaped object, typical railroad spike knife with a full twist. Here is my first real knife, loosely based on a "mini bush Seax". Started as a section of sugar cane harvester chopper blade, 1095 steel. Here it is sitting atop a new chopper blade. Getting hot Finished product with Krinite Patriot scales, nickle silver pins and GFlex epoxy. I have 7-8 hours of labor and approximately $25 of materials in it.
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