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  1. I don't know why it took me SO LONG to get to reading this section but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
  2. Well I have the handles pinned with a dow rod to rough shape them and decided on ordering West Marine GFlex. Hoping for the best.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions and the link.
  4. I am in the process of forging my first knife with handle scales. I ordered some Kirinite blanks that I intend to use. What brand and strength epoxy is recommended?
  5. Have seen this with a few family members and it never gets less troubling. Will pray for relief and peace.
  6. Gorgeous work and congrats on the beard !
  7. Awe inspiring work. Thank you for sharing.
  8. I used satanite refractory on my propane forge that was lined with insawool. I let my initial coating dry for 2 days with a shop fan blowing on it. Kinda seemed to stay grey although it was firm and dry to the touch. Then I fired for a couple minutes and allowed it to cool for 2-3 hours then repeated 3 more times. After firing it the color changed to more of a white sand and hard. I had several cracks and uneven spots. After 2 more thinner coats repeating the same process I'm very pleased with my results. Very uniform and no cracking.
  9. Most belt sanders/grinders I see run a rather long narrow belt. I have the opportunity to pick this up locally for what I believe is a good price. It runs a 4" belt that I assume is approximately 48" long and has a 6" disc also. Now I'm a new hobbiest at best, so what would be the draw backs of using a belt this wide? Is there a certain rpm range I should be mindful as well?
  10. I do not like to restrict the intake or output on my blower. I am using a shopvac hose between my blower and burner. I cut a 4" piece of shop vac hose and split it length ways so I could slip it over the shop vac hose where I have a series of holes drilled between my blower and burner to give air an alternate escape route. I move the 4" piece to cover or uncover certain holes to provide the necessary air flow.
  11. Yall should try fighting rats off of a grain installation, talk about a losing battle, but 3 phase 240v wins every time. I'm not gonna begin to tell the tales of rats in a sugar mill!
  12. Is there a way to determine a better scrap iron piece from another on a novice level? On the farm we go through a ton or so of these blades: http://attacorp.com/product-detail.php?i=62 I'm trying to cut my teeth on scrap iron before I start putting down money for quality new steel. It would be pretty sweet if they were good to go. While they may not be ideal it's got to be better than rebar and railroad spikes.
  13. Timothy I am in the same boat with you. I'm planning / making my first forge out of a propane tank and plan to build a blown propane burner. I ordered 8 sqft of inswool, 10lbs of satanite and 3 one inch hard fire bricks. I don't know exactly how this will come together but that's the plan I'm proceeding with now.
  14. Very new to the forum and I have questions about an anvil I recently found. It was found when demolishing an old barn on my great grandfathers property. Markings show A. Baldwin Company ??????? Warrant ?? New Orleans La 125 It's in very rough shape, lots or rust, the face has rolled beaten edges, and the heel is broken at the hardie hole. Is there such a thing as a machine shop refinishing the face to square it back up? We have another anvil at our farm shop marked Hay Budden Manufacturing 150 It get abused as well. Back to the A. Baldwin, considering it's been in my family and ma
  15. Hello all, first off thank yall for the wealth of knowledge and instruction here in one place. I'm a 4th generation farmer ( including diesel mechanic, fabrication & lite machining work) in my mid 30's living in central Louisiana. Primary hobbies are fishing, shooting, firearm collecting and sipping whiskey. I've always been fascinated with heating and beating iron, since a kid anytime I could get the shop to myself I was trying to make something pointed or sharp. I've made a pile of throwing knives but that's nothing more than cutting them out with the plasma cutter and grinding them
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